Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 9/13/18

Sweetwater Mission has partnered with CHEENGZ and West Georgia Cornhole to create the first annual Frog Toss Festival in lovely downtown Austell on September 15th, 2018.

Debbie Ginocchio states “the City of Austell has really stepped up to prepare the site for the festival. We will be hosting a Disc Golf Tournament, Cornhole Tournament, Chili Cookoff, Tiny Home Expo, Kids Zone, Live Music, Beer Garden and Chain Saw Carving Exhibition at the Frog Rock Disc Golf Course in Louise Suggs Memorial Park in Downtown Austell”

Disc Golf Sportswear company CHEENGZ VP of Marketing, Troy Burns states “When we learned Sweetwater Mission wanted to put together a Disc Golf Tournament at Frog rock we were all in. As we sat in on the meetings we realized we were becoming part of something very unique. Disc Golf tends to stay in its own little universe, growing exponentially, but not garnering much attention in mainstream sports coverage. This festival introduces the sport and this incredible course to the Austell community and region in general. With little to no elevation changes it is a great disc golf course for those who may have difficulty walking or may be bound to a wheel chair. It is the most accessible course I have ever played that has such a fun and challenging layout.

When we were working with Sweetwater Mission to develop the overall brand identity of the festival it all just came together. A rock formation near the park known as “Frog Rock” was a core element of the festival name. Then we looked at both sports competitions involving the tossing of discs and corn bags and a name as fun as the festival it represents was born. To have the two sports compete in the end for a final champion was just too much to pass up. And we promise, there will be no tossing of actual frogs during the festival!”

This festival is free to the public. More information here: http://douglascountychamber.chambermaster.com/events/details/frog-toss-festival-5664