Bezoria: May the Shawarma Be With You

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 5/28/17

Shawarma, Falafel, hummus, and vegetables all come together for a delightful Mediterranean feast at Bezoria. With the right amount of marinated, thinly sliced meat, the chicken and steak shawarmas were tender and good enough to eat without any assistance from the delicious sauces or even the crispy vegetables. Also, we hate to admit it, but we’ve never had Falafel (what!) and it was worth the wait to try it from Bezoria. Chickpeas are high on the list of favorite foods, so frying them up in a fritter is right up our alley. Not disappointed. Fried right with the perfect amount of chickpeas and batter. Let’s not forget the veggies, either. From pickles, grilled vegetables, cabbage slaw, to cucumber salad mix them all up or have them one at a time, there is definitely something you’re going to like. Our favorite was the spiced onions, marinated, spiced, chopped, whatever was done to those onions, and we’re in love. The perfect topping for a delicious, fresh, Mediterranean feast! It was food. for. days.

Beyond the good, fresh food is that Bezoria has a fun sense of humor and atmosphere. They have a sign that says, “May the Shawarma be with you.” An obvious nod to the Star Wars phenomenon, but also something fun that ties their food to pop culture. Fun! Plus, the décor is industrial with a touch of Mediterranean whimsy. Also, our favorite place in the whole restaurant is the bathroom. I know, right? You go in for one thing and stay for the dance party. They have a ton of colors dancing in an all-white bathroom. It’s so much fun. See the video here.

All-in-all what a fun trip to Bezoria. We’d recommend it to anyone that loves Mediterranean fare and enjoy finding and exploring new foods. We’re going to try the Midtown location next, keep an eye out on social media.

May the Shawarma be with you!