Atlanta Meatball Festival

That Atlanta Meatball Festival had 20+ restaurants with meaty-meatball tastes. The highlights included Double Zero’s porkbelly meatball, which was one of our favorite at the festival, as well as Madre & Mason’s Turkey meatball with all the trimmins: gravy and collards. The chef was so nice and made me one without the gravy and it was worth it with tasty corn, poblano peppers and turkey. The Double Zero’s porkbelly was so tender and one of those meats you could eat with no sauce or pizzazz. Just a darn good, meatball. There was also a very good lamb meatball by One Flew South that was very spicy but very good. All-in-all very good food overall. Oh, and a special SHOUT OUT to our favorite DJ Madflip for livening up the festivities.