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“Without adventure, civilization is in full decay.”

Alfred North Whitehead

A bit about us


Writer and weekend adventurer. Liz enjoys writing, festivals, trying new restaurants, and especially the beach.



Photographer, entrepreneur, and weekend adventurer. John enjoys outdoor activities, exploring, and a day at the beach.

Why We Started Adventures in Atlanta

You wouldn’t believe how many times we’ been asked, “How did you get into running Adventures in Atlanta?” There are several so many reasons we got into running the site, but first and foremost is the culmination of our jobs, our passions, and our connections. Being a writer since she was young, Liz worked(s) in the business side of advertising, and was looking for an outlet for her writing and creativity. John worked in the events and trade show coordination, and was looking for an outlet for his passion of networking and photography. Put those two together and you have the right ingredients for starting an events, festival, and beer blog.

Furthermore, over the years, we’ve worked with a ton of people who helped us get to the point where we could go out and share our adventures with others. Liz started writing event reviews for North Georgia Leisure and its owner John Bickford. Through this writing, we met Mike DiLonardo of Atlanta Beer Festivals and grew a relationship to help him pre and post-promote his festivals. Really, we thank both of these fine gentlemen him deeply for getting us our initial exposure to where we could grow. Finally, we’re both adventurers, urban explores, looking for the best party, the best event, and the best restaurant, while inviting you along for the ride.

Also, a special thanks for our awesome friends at Caren West PR, as well as Blue Hominy, Brave PR, and so many others for giving us the opportunity to help you spread the word about so many fun events, restaurants, and attractions around our great city.