Atlanta Ghostbustin Party

Date:  Saturday, July 9th
Time: 9pm

About Break out your best 80s or Ghostbusters inspired outfit as event producer Markster Con hosts it’s biggest party production yet. For several months now, large scale builds have been in the works to help transform Heaven into Gozers Temple, so see the stage area transformed into Gozers Temple, that will be guarded by animatronic Terror Dogs (by Mimi Nouveau Designs).
There will be a 10 foot tall photo opp reminiscent of the New York skyline with a to-scale Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (by Billy Light ad Scott Lyttle), as well as a Replica (life-sized) Vigo the Carpathian painting, ready for photo opportunity, that will also be given away as part of the TEAM FOX charity drive/raffle. The bar area will be infiltrated by 3D ghosts coming out of the walls and floors (by Billy Light and Laura Wilmot) and Slimer will be making his presence known also! At midnight don’t miss the costume contest, as well as a live music, performance, and a VJ. Advanced tickets are $15 and available here:

Website/link for more information: