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Out in the woods of North Carolina, Wayne Nix of Discovery’s Moonshiners show is hauling moonshine to his clients in an old pick-up truck with some clear bottled liquid in the back, rocking to and fro as the tires hit the cracked, dirt road. That’s kind of what it was like on this fall-like October day, Andrews Entertainment District started a new tradition: Andrews Moonshine Festival…

Braves + Weezer Concert

Even though the Braves didn’t win, we met a few people and enjoyed some very good seats. Highlights: The usher trying to start the wave (TRYING) with much hilarity. Weezer playing Buddy Holly into The Sweater Song. Together. The crowd loved it.


In the hills outside Atlanta is a small, sleepy town with an up-and-coming vibe, and recently has several restaurants popping up in its charming downtown. That being said, wouldn’t it be fitting that one brewery has located there and a second is about to open? I wish we had ONE brewery in our inside the perimeter city! What’s a girl gotta do to get one? Ok, don’t answer that. But, in its inaugural year, Kennesaw Craft Beer Fest, highlighted a variety of fall beers in delightful small town atmosphere.

Yelp LIVE at The Tabernacle 2014

It never ceases to amaze me how Yelp can always knock it out of the park with their free parties for all Atlanta’s fellow yelpers. This year’s highlights: we discovered The Octopus Project with their indie-ambient vibes and a caramel bacon donut from Revolution Donoughts. Who can say no to that?


America’s pastime holds a special place in everyone’s heart and nothing could make it any better, right? Wrong. Take the breathtaking view of the field, beer samples, good friends, and open the alley games to the attendees and what do you get? Great Atlanta Beer Festival. It makes baseball better. This year we discovered two new pumpkin beers, reconnected with a few old beer friends, and had fun dancing in the rain (ok, not dancing, but close).

Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails, Atlanta 2014

If you would have told us ten years ago we would be seeing Soundgarden and NIN in the same concert, we would have not believed you. Both bands rose to the occasion with a full concert under the Lakewood Amphitheater awning. Highlights included: Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” and “Fell on Black Days,” as well and […]


How do all the good, classic horror novels start? It was a dark and stormy afternoon at an urban Georgia farm. The lights flickered and then faded leaving the goats bleating and stirring in their pens. Small red dots start to liter the horizon spilling over the distant hills as far as the eye can see. What the urban Georgia farm didn’t know was this was the end, the end of life as they knew it because the Killer Tomatoes were coming and they were hungry.

Zombie Pub Crawl 2014

In our third year going, the annual (and really, only) zombie pub crawl is always a whole lot of fun. This year’s highlights included the zombie D.J. booth, zombies, and zombies. You can never get enough. Enjoy the show.


The dark clouds loomed over Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta and the police shouted loudly for everyone to take cover as the thunder cracked nearby. The storm passed by about an hour later and all but put a damper on the rally as the concert and rally as they were both cancelled due to weather. Even though there wasn’t a concert or fanfare, the Gumball 3000 is about the beautifully rare cars and there wasn’t any disappointment there with everything from Ferraris, supped up Mercedes, McLarens, Aston Martins, Bentleys, Jaguars, Lotus and many more.

Red White and Brews at the Georgia Aquarium 2014

For the 4th of July, we went to the Georgia Aquarium’s Red, White, and Brews event. The whales and tiger sharks were in full force, while I swore the whales were dancing and performing for us! Highlights of this event were: The whales and tiger sharks of course, but we also enjoyed the Eventide Stout, […]