Best of Dragon Con Saturday and Sunday 2019

Supernatural Group Shot, Meeting Harvey Guillen, Hilton Dance Party Part Deux, and Our Top 10 Groups, Costumes, or Cosplays

On Saturday, we headed to a Supernatural panel staring Sebastian Roche, DJ Qualls, Kim Rhodes, Samantha Smith, and surprise guest Ruth Connell. She didn’t have a seat so she sat in Kim Rhodes’ lap until they got her one. DJ Qualls came up with a game for us to play during the panel and the prize was an 18k gold tooth brush. I’m not sure it really was 18k gold, but there was a toothbrush he pulled out of his bag. How to play: everyone who asked a question picked a number and whoever was closest to the number he pre-picked won it. There was one lady who dressed up for the day as Mary Winchester in full nightgown and all and she ended up winning. Sounds perfect to us. They also discussed their favorite episodes, which included Baby, French Mistake, Regarding Dean, and Party On, Garth. A fan recently participated in GISH Mischa Collins’ (Castiel) charity that is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. We personally hadn’t heard about this and looked it up. Wow! Those are some daredevils that do these “tasks!” All the cast members said that they had done it. Interesting.

On Sunday night, we were walking out of the Hilton after watching a huge dance party when we walked into Harvey Guillen who was coming in the side door. I (Liz) recognized him and he was talking to another fan. When they were done, I went up and shook his hand and told him we loved him in What We Do in the Shadows as Guiermo and he was very nice. We haven’t seen the original “documentary” but he said was more of the same, but urged us to watch it. Maybe we will now that Harvey wants us to watch it! REALLY wanted to ask him about his character’s twist on the show, but we’re sure he couldn’t divulge anything.

Hilton Dance Party Part 2 on Sunday was bigger, “badder,” and even more blow-up costumes. So, it all comes full circle as we ended up back at the Hilton for an huge dance party that erupted into a dozen dinosaurs, one very large Chewbacca, several Pikachu, even a group of Pac Man ghosts. What a way to end Dragon Con 2019 with all these characters from all the genres dancing together to Party in the USA. Personally, can’t stand the song, but it was fun to watch.

Our top 10 Groups, Costumes, or Cosplays (no particular order):