Glendalough Whiskey Tasting at Ladybird

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 3/20/2016

We have found our new favorite place in Atlanta! With a sprawling outdoor space full of lounge chairs and picnic tables, as well as that summer camp feel, The Ladybird is THE place to hang out in Atlanta! Now, let’s talk about the Glendalough Distillery out of Ireland brought their A-game with several cocktails mixed with their Whiskey. The best one and maybe the best cocktail We’ve ever had? The Blackbird Punch. All the flavors balanced out the sweetness of the whiskey and the tartness of the black tea. We had to have seconds. We also can’t speak enough about the food either. We tried the Navajo Fry Bread, Chicken Tortilla Soup, and the Collard Green side. Everything was very good! We’ve never ever seen Navajo Fry Bread on a menu. Please, whatever you do, go and try it. It’s that good. Finally, as a memento we got to take home two hand-carved shot glasses wittled in front of us.


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