Hush Hush Silent Disco Experiment April 29 2017

Date:  Saturday, April 29th
Time: 4 pm

About: Hush Hush is the next wave of silent disco in this country and we’ll call it the silent disco experiment. Ready for some Daylife full of fun and drinking during the day?   We are taking silent disco out of the clubs/festivals and creating a mobile music listening environment.  Silent Disco is where all participants wear wireless LED headsets tuned to 3 different types of music. The headsets have 3 Led Colors, (blue, green, and red), that coordinate with different styles of music.  For example, we may have 3 styles: DJ 1 (Green): EDM Dance DJ 2 (Blue): Top 40 Club remixes, DJ 3 (Red): 80’s & Old School Hip Hop.  The venue will be completely quiet and you can have conversations with no interruptions due to loud music. There is only 300 spaces for the second event and plan to do this quarterly in Atlanta in various locations. Our plan is to visit 2 venues while dancing our way down the sidewalk from place to place. Buckhead Bar Lineup: Buckhead Saloon, Big Sky Buckhead and Surprise Location TBA. Check in 4-7pm at Saloon. Our objective with this experiment is seeing/watching people sing and dance along to some of their favorite music in an all new atmosphere. We are taking the dance party out of the clubs/festivals to a different environment with new LED headphone technologies. Drink specials at the bars for registered guests Big Sky 15% off food, $3 bud light drafts, $3 kamikaze. Buckhead Saloon 1/2 price Flatbread Pizza, $4 wells, $3 Disco shots and $3 Fireball shorties. Tickets run $20-$30.