New Menu Preview at STK Atlanta

Posted by John and Liz Attaway 11/9/15

We found ourselves in the midst of STK Atlanta’s new menu preview for Winter, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Every. Minute. We CS7mgDVWsAE0rpV.jpg largetried everything from steak to swordfish to tuna, as well as desserts, appetizers, and cool new cocktails. Here are a few of our favorite things. The entrees were really dynamite with a triple threat: swordfish, tuna, and steak. Liz’s favorites was Swordfish and John’s was the steak. Both stellar. Of the other elements: the beet salad was delicious and the chocolate cake was the overwhelming favorite of the desserts. Check out their website at:

A special thanks to Caren West PR who held the event.