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Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 7/15/24

In our element at the Element Atlanta Midtown! Located in the corner of Peachtree and Ponce, the Element Atlanta Midtown is the official hotel of The Fox Theatre Atlanta! They incorporate nature-inspired ambiance for the healthy, active, and eco-conscious traveler that wants more out of their stay! Modern lobby, clean and bright guest rooms, and even active amenities all go hand in hand for a better way to stay. 
The lobby: 
Greeted by natural elements and greenery, calm takes over your senses. The expensive lobby flows into a living room like area and congregate seating for groups to gather or to make new friends. All the decor is relaxing and posh.  Plus, one of our favorite things about the Element Atlanta Midtown is the made-to-order complimentary breakfast each morning! Choose from eggs and pancakes from the grill, grab a bagel or muffin for a quick bite, and even sip on brewed coffee overlooking Peachtree. 
The room: 
The rooms at the Element are spacious, clean, and bright. You’re greeted up front in the hall to a clean, spa-like bathroom with large shower. Next to the bathroom is the large and comfy King bed, wood and minimalistic closet and coffee area, a desk, and area for lounging. They also have oversized windows to bring in natural light. 
The Ponce Room: 
Downstairs, in the Courtyard lobby, The Ponce Room is a beautiful corner bar and restaurant that overlooks the Fox Theater. It is a sensational spot to catch a bite before going to a show or for a leisurely time with friends and family. They have shareable like crunchy and sharp cheese curds, crunchy French fry and savory loaded steak dish, and my new favorite the spicy, crunchy, savory, sweet and creamy poke nachos! We paired this with either white wine and their spectacular floral and boozy Elderflower Old Fashioned. 
They have an onsite gym for those with an active lifestyle. Plus, this hotel is the definition of location, location, location with Element Atlanta Midtown steps to shopping, dining, breweries, and of course the Fox Theatre and Georgia Tech! You can enjoy a meal, a show, and retire to your Element retreat!


The Bellyard Hotel is located in the hip West Midtown Interlock and an inspired design with a touch of modern, a hint of opulence, cozy nooks, elevated rooms, it all comes together seamlessly in every space of the hotel. The moment the elevator doors open you’re greeted with opulent marble, beautiful large white couches, warm seating areas with wood accents and blue tones, the lighting is calming and yellow. A bull stands majestically overlooking the check-in area. Behind the check-in is a large window into the atrium area. Filled with a whimsical colorful mural, wicker and wood seating, greenery and some free-standing trees, it’s a great spot to relax. 
The room: 

The door opens and you step into a short hallway with calm light wood and a ceiling to floor windows. Around the corner you come across the beautiful bathroom with its green modern tile and clean lines of the vanity, across from it is the large shower and the toilet area in the middle that can be closed off. The first thing you notice in the large main sleeping area is the intricate wood accent wall behind the bed. It soars up to the concrete ceiling. Lofty and airy. The king bed is very comfortable, while the large window seat is the perfect place to catch the Atlanta Skyline. 

Drawbar and Patio 

Located in the lobby, Drawbar is the focal point of the space with a large sweeping bar, lounge areas, and white couches where you can gather with friends or make new ones. Outside in the patio, Drawbar is known for its patio views of the amazing Atlanta skyline. Plus, they have amazing cocktails and tasty bites for any occasion. Like the Seared lamb that is tender and juicy well-seasoned lamb smothered in a rich and deep, sweet, savory Demi glaze then paired with crunchy and earthy Brussels and root carrots. Paired it with their sensational smoked old fashioned. It is nutty pecan infused whiskey cocktail with earthy and sweet syrup and peach bitters. It is smoked tableside for a light smoke. 

Also really enjoyed the fried green tomato appetizer that is crunchy outside and tangy inside, sharp creamy pimento cheese mixed with spicy and sweet and a pepper jelly for a hint of spice and sweet. 
Got the Pina Lope with the tomatoes and it is a spin on the classic Pina colada but with gin. This cocktail is tangy pineapple, floral on the back, and a hint of nuttiness from the orgeat. We also sampled the Hotlanta Margarita is a sweet peach and pineapple margarita with Tanteo jalapeño tequila for some spice and a tajin rim for extra spice. Comes with a candy floater. 
It’s a community! Beyond the hotel Drawbar, the Interlock’s plethora of options is just steps from the hotel door. Nightlife, bars, restaurants, and even shopping. So, grab your walking shoes and explore! 


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 6/7/24

Hotel Forty Five is on the corner of history and music. This hip historic boutique hotel by Tribute Portfolio is in the “Macon Skyscraper,” a 1941 Banker’s Health & Life Insurance Company. John and I recently visited on a weekend getaway to Macon that’s only about an hour and some change from Atlanta! The hotel is steps from restaurants and bars, the Macon Auditorium, the Tubman Museum, and natural attractions for hiking or riding! It is in the center of it all! 
What is in a name? The Hotel Forty Five’s name is rich in Macon history! It gets its name from the 45 degree angle of the street formed by Cherry, First, and Cotton Street and was designed to transport cotton barges to and from the Ocmulgee River. Also, Macon is known for its rich musical past and the numerous 45 records produced there, so the name is a nod to this history. As we said, corner of history and music! Did you know Macon is the home of The Allman Brothers Band? If you walk around the corner from the hotel, you’ll find Grant’s Lounge, a staple jam bar where bands would jam night after night to get a record deal. And you can see it today and hear live music!! 
Inside the hotel, the lobby winds up through the elevators with retro flooring and bank vibes, while the old directory is still visible from the elevator lobby! Downstairs is the beautiful restaurant Loom with a full bar and dining room, and they also have Reckon coffee bar with pastries and drinks for early risers. Upstairs on the 6th floor is Hightales Rooftop bars with sweeping historical and downtown views, live music, and full beautiful bar! A full review of the amenities is below! 
Inside the room, touches of industrial lighting fixtures, a Macon street drawing morphed into a mural with a woman’s face, hints of leather, marble, and retro like the cutest 50s mini fridge and pink funky dresser desk, it is an eclectic mix of angles, textures, and vibes. They even have a schematic of the original building in the restroom. Beyond that, the large king bed was comfy, the beautifully light and bright bathroom stuns, and the historical views can’t be beaten! 


As for the restaurant, Loom weaves a tapestry of southern dishes with elevated flavor and fresh ingredients into what the chef calls “Southern Revival!”  Located in the Hotel Forty Five downstairs, Loom is bright, light, and fresh to match the freshness of their food, and has a large loom mural on the wall that draws the eye. As for our favorite dish, that is the King Salmon. The dish is a must in Macon! A well-seasoned, cooked perfectly salmon filet with an amazing tangy and sweet bourbon glaze that will make you want to lock the plate. It sits on top of creamy jasmine rice that mixes with the bourbon glaze harmoniously! Then paired with crunchy seasoned carrots!  

For our appetizers we got Crispy Cauliflower, Bread Service, Burrata, and Fried Green Tomatoes. First, the Crispy Cauliflower is tender, yet crispy, earthy red pepper emulsion and earthy tart capers all drizzled in arugula oil. The next appetizer is Burrata. It is cool and creamy cheese paired with sweet apple gastric and nutty crushed pistachio. A flavor explosion of sweet, nutty, creamy! On the side we got the bread service, which is amazing corn bread. It is warm and buttery, sweet and savory. Finally, the fried green tomatoes are super crunchy outside and tangy, tender tomatoes, creamy and sharp pimento cheese then finished off with tangy tomato chutney to round out all the flavors.  

We also got another entree with the King Salmon, the Smoked Pork Chop. It is tender, charred and well-seasoned topped with a sweet red relish on a bed of funky blue cheese grits and spicy collards. We got all of this with a bottle of champagne for national wine day.  

After our dinner we went upstairs to the Hotel Forty Five, Hightales Rooftop Bar. They have hand crafted cocktails like the Got the Feelin’ James Brown, a super spicy yet fruity tequila concoction with spicy agave and raspberry! But the best part? THE best views of the historical and downtown portions of the city!  


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 2/28/24

Barnsley Resort, where John and I can Escape Together! ️ Just a little over an hour North of our Atlanta home, John and I spent Valentine’s weekend enjoying Barnsley Resort and each other. You feel so far away here from the city but are so close! Everything from the stunning Manor House Ruins and garden, tree-covered walkways, cute and cozy cottages, immersive historical tours, lovely dining options, golf, activities, and so much more, Barnsley Resort has something for everyone.  

Driving in, you’re greeted with a smile by the security guard at the gate! One-part welcome party, he sends you to the Inn at Barnsley to check in. The Inn has become the heart of the property since being completed in 2018. With gathering areas, warm wood, and beautiful English architecture, the Inn boasts 55 rooms. Downstairs in the lobby, join in on the 5pm whiskey tradition, or hang out near the fire pits. Also, don’t miss lounging in the lobby seating area by the fire or the fun key wall behind check-in.  

Our Room, Cottage 

On our weekend, we got to stay in one of the many cottages that dot the landscape around the town square. Walking through them is straight out of a Hallmark movie! Inside, you’re welcomed with a large living space, wood burning fireplace, and sweeping hardwood floors. The bedroom is tucked away behind a pair of French doors with a large comfy king bed, large oval window, and entrance to your own private porch. Then, attached to the bedroom is the luxurious bathroom with pedestal sink, ornate claw foot tub, standing shower and overlooking the tub is a large oval window. We stayed in a smaller cottage, but they have them in all sizes for any family large or small. 

Experiences and the property 

The first thing we did after we got settled in our room was the Wine, Cheese, and Love Stories historical tour where we explored the Barnsley Resort property. Here we literally learn everything there is to know about the property, all while enjoying Barnsley’s very own Santa Clara Valley Estate wine paired with a local farm’s cheeses! 

 We started back at the Inn at Barnsley Resort with Pimento Cheese and Santa Clara Valley Cab. We had a meet and greet with our tour guides and learned about the history of Barnsley, the new Inn building, and more. We find out that Prince Fugger bought the property in 1988 after many years of disrepair and turned it into what it is today, a resort destination, in the Southeast!  

 Our second stop is at the Rice House, which was moved from Savannah and brought to the property in 3 pieces. There we saw our guide Sabre off the top of Barnsley’s grand Cuvée Brut sparkling wine and got paired with a warm brie fondue and dark chocolate fondue. This is the best pairing! 

 Our third stop was the breathtaking Manor House Ruins! It is a must-see garden and ruins right in the middle of the property! Godfrey Barnsley brought his wife and children to the property in 1840s and started work on their lavish mansion. Julia, his wife, passed before it was completed. Work stopped. But he had a dream of her in the garden telling him to finish it for her. So, he did, it is his love letter to her. Then, in 1906 a tornado took off the roof and back wall and the family moved into the kitchen house, and it was never repaired. There we sampled the Monterey Chardonnay and had Tomme cheese, nuts, and fruit. 

 Our final spot was in the kitchen house where we saw the Barnsley decedents washer, wood stove, and where we heard the tale of Preston Saylor (KO Dugan), a prize fighter who later shot his brother and killed him. They have memorialized and enclosed the spot where the blood stain is to this day. There we enjoyed the Santa Clara Valley Meritage merlot and hard cheese spread with fruit! 

Other places you can explore and enjoy activities are the central beer garden where the staff says “the eternal flame” of the property is, the firepit! They are looking to expand and renovate it in the coming years. Attached to the Rice house is a wedding, concert, and large venue for any occassion. If you’re a golfer, they have a large 18 round golf course with a lake! Like out of the box adventures? They have everything from archery to horseback riding to skeet shooting. There is really something fun to do around every corner.  

Dining Experiences at Barnsley Resort 

We attended the Rice House’s incredible 5-course Valentine’s meal Friday evening paired with either carefully curated wine or crafted cocktails! We cannot say enough good things about how wonderful the food and drinks turned out and the impeccable staff! They really made you feel special. Here’s the full food review from our experience. 

We started with the delicious Amuse Bouche with Nicolas Feuillate Champagne, France. This is a meaty and divine meat pate that comes off smoky and creamy to the palate. This is paired with a tangy sauerkraut and a honey drizzle for a hint of sweet. The amuse bouche is served with bread. The perfect flavors of the light creamy meat with the bubbly champagne. 

Our first course started with the Truffle & Foie Gras Stuffed Quail with North Star Merlot, Washington. The Quail is savory, salty, rich, crunchy, earthy truffle, meaty foie gras stuffed and paired with a tangy dried fruit vinaigrette and creamy polenta. Divine! This was served with a light red wine to go with the earthy truffle and hearty meat. The other first course item we got was the Seasonal Beet Tart paired with the Attems Pinot Grigio from Italy. This dish is a crunchy, flaky, buttery tart filled with creamy and earthy beet and goat cheese then adorned with popping passion fruit pearls for a sweet, fruity burst, plus a bright salad on the side. 

You can’t go wrong with the second course, the homemade Mushroom Truffle Tagliatelle with Erath Pinot Noir, Oregon. This might just be the best pasta dish ever starting with the herbaceous and earthy, rich marinated locally foraged mushroom. Tender pasta stuffed with a delectable creamy, herbaceous sauce and topped with shaved truffle. Just wow! The light bodied Pinot Noir really brings out the rich flavors of the pasta.  

Of the entrees, John got the Seared Wagyu Tenderloin with Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon, California. This amazing steak is perfectly cooked and flavorful with a rich and deep demi glaze served with a creamy dreamy potato cake. This went so well with the Cabernet Sauvignon’s deep flavor paired with the meat and demi glaze. I opted for the Pan-Seared Sea Bass with Scattered Peaks Fume Blanc California. This super light and buttery fish is crisped on the outside for a crunchy bite. The balance between the melt-in-your mouth fish and the champagne cream gives it a nice creaminess that’s bright yet light. The light bodied white pairs with the cream so well, and the lightness of the fish.  

As for the dessert, they brought out the Chocolate Espresso Mousse with the Decadent Cocktail. This rich chocolate mousse is super rich and decadent in an arrangement of different flavors from creamy to bold. The Decadent cocktail is their take on an espresso martini, and they were able to make this one decaf for me! Creamy, bold, rich, and literally melts into the flavors of the chocolaty mousse. Yum. 

Whiskey Tradition in the lobby 5pm daily 

When we arrived, the front desk invited us to a special tasting, Whiskey Tradition. It is a tradition that is open to all guests at 5pm each day to try their smoked pecan infused Woodford Reserve whiskey! They take the Woodford and infuse it through smoked pecans right there in the lobby! The smoked pecans are smoked on property and when they change them out, the pecans go on their desserts! 

Woodlands Grill 

If you’re looking for something casual, we’d recommend the Woodlands Grill! A beautiful homey building right on the golf course with sweeping golf course and lake views! The morning we went, we enjoyed an intimate brunch featuring a sensational eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. These were paired with potatoes. John got the regular breakfast with eggs, bacon, and more. They also serve lunch, dinner, and drinks in Dugan’s bar. 


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 1/22/24

Glenn Hotel Atlanta, where there is a lion in every southern heart.  This stunning, ornate boutique hotel began as a 1920s landmark that is “guarded” by 39 lions atop the building. To pay homage, lion artwork is prevalent throughout the entire space from the lobby, in the elevator, and even in the rooms! Warm, inviting, casual yet charming, opulent, manicured while lavish, The Glenn Hotel is an oasis in the heart of downtown and where everyone is welcome. It’s the perfect place for a vacation, staycation, or even a weekender! As the elevator says when you get to the 10th floor, “wow!” 

Lobby Area 

You’re greeted in the lobby with Glenn art deco tilework on the ground and follow it to the left to the large, sweeping bar filled with touches of metal, green velvet, and opulent marble. There is a lounge area around it filled with velvet chairs, booths and a large couch. If you come in from the valet area, you’ll immediately see a beautiful bookcase filled with books, “there is a lion in every southern heart” sign to the right, and to the left the check-in. The check-in just as beautiful with hints of marble, lion artwork, and modern metal. It all ties together into a medley of modern and sleek without overpowering the character and charm of the traditional elements of the building. Did you know that the Glenn Hotel Atlanta was built as an office in 1923 and was named for a former Atlanta Mayor? 

The Room 

THE PENTHOUSE! Not only is it extravagant, but it’s also functional and calming. Inside you’re greeted with a desk and a powder room, yes, a second bathroom! Beyond that you walk into the living space with a large blue velvet couch and round dining table, functional and stylish! In the bedroom suite, the bathroom and bedroom meld into one breathtaking room. Dual vanities, sauna and spa like shower, while the restroom has its own “room” with fun animal print wallpaper. Standing out is the soaker tub positioned in the middle of the room only separated from the bed with a glass wall. On the other side of the glass wall, the large, king bed is gorgeously flanked by two glowing pendant lights and right in the middle of a green accent wall adorned with a gold and black lion mirror. WOW! Plus, throw open all the drapes, because you can’t skip the view! Being on the corner you have the same view as the Skylounge the floor above you, with 180 views or more from Mercedes Benz stadium all the way over to the Westin. 

Glenn’s Kitchen, onsite dining room 

Located in the lobby of the Glenn Hotel Atlanta, it’s a downtown Atlanta destination for sensational dishes like this char-grilled salmon! Light and slightly charred salmon cooked perfectly atop a bright, lemon, creamy risotto that brings out the savory salmon flavor wonderfully! Then, they amped up the flavor with tangy pickled onions to mix in. We paired it with the bright, herbaceous Garden in the sky cocktail filled with cool cucumber and tangy mint. 

Some of our other favorite dishes start with the starters like the Deviled Eggs and Jalapeno Hushpuppies. The Deviled eggs are sharp and tangy, a tasty spicy, sweet savory bacon jam on top. Yum! Speaking of spicy, the Jalapeño hushpuppies start out sweet with corn and honey, then the spicy jalapeño kicks in for a balanced bite! The spicy dipping sauce is icing into her cake. We paired this with Glenn’s Old fashioned a traditional cocktail yet that is boozy and a slight sweetness for balance. 

We also tried one of their salads, the Ahi Tuna Salad, and a handheld, the Short Rib sandwich. The Short rib sandwich is meaty and tender short rib paired with a spicy and creamy horseradish aioli, finished off with slaw on a crunchy ciabatta roll. And the Ahi Tuna Salad is savory and seasoned ahi tuna with a bright spring salad, tangy dressing, and creamy avocado. 

SkyLounge Atlanta: Rooftop Bar at the Glenn Hotel 

Take the special elevator up to the rooftop where you’ll find SkyLounge Atlanta! It is a rooftop oasis with some of the best views of downtown Atlanta. Plus, they have light bites like hummus and fun cocktails, like the Centennial, to celebrate the Glenn building’s 100-year anniversary! The view is a must see! 


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 10/5/23

There’s no better place to find your serenity than Serenbe! Located just South of the airport and Atlanta, it is a beautiful destination full of the arts, food, farmland, outdoor activities, and where you’re welcome to relax and stroll the gardens or be as adventurous as you want. Start with a stay at the Inn at Serenbe where you can revel in relaxed luxury in an updated, historic farmhouse. Then, enjoy Saturday’s farmers market, take a hike to the waterfall, grab a bite at Halsa and the Farmhouse at Serenbe, roam the gardens, and dinner at The Hill at Serenbe. Now, that sounds like a perfect weekend.  

Inn at Serenbe 

The Inn at Serenbe is a historic family farm that has been transformed into a luxurious getaway that’s the perfect destination from Atlanta! We stayed in the main farmhouse that boasts a king-sized bed, bay window, and all the bells and whistles! The Inn at Serenbe has a country feel starting with the gardens, wrap around porch with rocking chairs, and even an adult pool! Exploring the grounds around the Inn, you’re greeted by a lake with canoeing, horses, an animal farm, and even a stone labyrinth. It’s amazing! 

The Inn Rooms are spread out through the grounds of the property and throughout Serenbe, you can stay in the farmhouse like we did or in cabins, by the lake, or even in town! Our room was a very large, long bedroom with a comfy, large bed. Opposite the bed was a large bay window where we could sit and watch people roam the gardens right from our window. They had a large desk with two cookies and glass water bottles, as well as a very large walk-in closet with soft and fluffy robes. The bathroom was spacious and glistening white with two vanities, a walking shower/bathtub combo. Plus, the keys were so cute! A cow bell! The Inn also offers a big, beautiful country breakfast with AMAZING biscuits, French toast, eggs, bacon, oatmeal spread, and more. This out of the Farmhouse at Serenbe that offers a delicious lunch and dinner. 

Inn at Serenbe Grounds 

Around the Inn at Serenbe is a beautiful, sweeping landscape of lush rolling hills and farmland. One of our favorite spots to start with is the garden! Literally outside our window in our Inn room, the garden is where they grow the vegetables and other things for the restaurant, Farmhouse at Serenbe. Out back of the main farmhouse building at the Inn, is a large, HUGE, wrap around porch with rocking chairs, and several firepits for cool nights. Next to the firepit area is the adult-only pool, while the kids pool is right beside guest check in, but both are luxurious and large. They have a play area with a tree house, bocce, and giant chess for the kids.  

Outside the immediate grounds is their petting zoo and animal farm! When you stay at the Inn, you can get free feed for the goats. You can take a walk around the farm pins and see pigs, donkeys, goats, cows, sheep, and more. Then, down the pathway are two destinations to explore, the pristine lake, stroll over it or go canoeing! Just beyond the lake is the bonfire area, artwork dotted throughout the woods and grounds, horses, and you should go see the stone labyrinth. A great experience for kids to find their way around the maze!  

Farmhouse at Serenbe Restaurant 

The restaurant that’s on the grounds of the Inn at Serenbe is a beautiful spot to enjoy lunch or dinner. Inside, they have a cozy blue room with a stone fireplace great for winter, next to it is the large, open-air sunroom that’s light and bright for enjoying lunch. They have a large bar with tons of cocktail options, as well as outdoor seating on the porch out back. They have a southern-inspired menu like pot roast or fried chicken that you need to check out. 

We fell in love with the fall apart tender, meaty, well-seasoned, and rich pot roast smothered in a rich and hearty gravy atop some creamy, fantastic, mashed potatoes. On the side are amazing perfectly seasoned and tender okra and a delicious cold Brussel sprout salad with pickled red cabbage. Or if you love fried chicken, they are known for it! Available in the lunch menu, we know why! It is perfectly seasoned with spices, super crunchy yet tender inside. It comes with the same okra and brussels as the pot roast.  

We started with the Farmhouse at Serenbe’s famous biscuits that are flaky and buttery, a slight crisp outside with tangy scallions mixed in. What a treat. And one of the best salads we’ve had all year is the Serenbe farms arugula and prosciutto salad. Starting with sweet blueberry peach dressing, earthy tangy goat cheese, meaty prosciutto and sweet candied pecans on a bed of fresh green, it’s a wonderful medley of flavors. Plus, you can’t beat the color! 

As far as their cocktail program goes, it is a good one. Starting with the Fire & smoke cocktail that is tang, sweet strawberry and pineapple, smoky up from the mezcal, then kicks you with habanero on the back. It is very balanced and one tasty cocktail with a fun smoke show! Then, Aloe-U cocktail is minty, tangy, earthy cucumber and light, the aloe liquor adds a fun herbaceous-ness.  

The Hill at Serenbe 

In the main part of town, the Hill at Serenbe sits perched on a corner like a beacon! Entering the Hill at Serenbe, you’re greeted with a cozy, home-like ambiance to enjoy your wait, while the dining room next to the entrance is full of windows. We were treated to one of the best, most phenomenal meals we’ve had all year along with top notch service and stellar cocktails. The Hill prides themselves on bring fresh and local meats and produce from surrounding farms and that shows in their flavorful dishes!  

Starting with one of the best steaks John or I have ever had, it starts with a juicy, thick cut piece of filet, perfectly cooked inside and a slight char out. Seasoned and doused in a creamy, sultry, herbaceous butter and a rich and deep house made port glaze on the side. It just melts in your mouth and runs a gamut of amazing flavors. Paired it with the Pineapple Bonfire, a slightly smoky mezcal cocktail balanced with spicy jalapeño for a little bit of a kick and tangy, sweet pineapple. The perfect pair! 

For our starters, we opted for Bread Service, Chorizo and Elote Fritters, as well as Deviled Eggs. Starting with the Bread Service, the bread is fluffy, sweet, and light, slightly crisp outside. The compound butter served on the side is light and airy, sweet and a slight spice. 

Next up the Deviled eggs are super sharp, rich, creamy, and bursting with flavor then topped with salty trout roe that gives it a pop and an herbaceous, tangy dill oil. These are some of the best Deviled Eggs we’ve ever had! Another must try is the Chorizo and Elote fritters. They are spicy, earthy, creamy inside and crunchy outside, while the jalapeño aioli gives it a tang. 

The other entrée we thoroughly enjoyed is the Pan Seared Porkshire Pork chop. It is a bone-in chop that is filleted into a sweet and meaty, yet tender cut of meat. The Honey mustard jus brightened it up and gives it a tang, while underneath the creamed brussels and spinach is charred, earthy, and creamy. Wowzer. We paried this with the Selbourne Blossom cocktail. It is an herbaceous gin cocktail with cool and sweet muddled strawberry, earthy basil syrup, and bitter Aperol for balance.  

A Carefully Curated Serenbe Itinerary You’ll Want To Use 

  • Take a stroll around town, find relaxing and beautiful walkways, trails, and more.  
  • Check out the Saturday local farmers market for local goods, food, and gifts.  
  • Halsa: Have lunch or snacks at the delicious Halsa. Grab a creamy and earthy curry chicken salad sandwich with a side of sultry hummus. Enjoy a flaky croissant or sweets like a cinnamon roll. They have tuna poke bowls, build your own bowls, coffee, and wine.  
  • Another option for lunch or dinner is Farmhouse at Serenbe. 
  • Take a hike down to the tranquil waterfall and enjoy the sounds of flowing water.  
  • Take in the sculptures and artwork that’s around every corner.  
  • Check-in to Inn at Serenbe for the night and peruse the grounds. They have animals you can feed, a labyrinth, gardens, swings, horses, and even a lake.  
  • Take a dip in the Inn at Serenbe pool.  
  • Take a tour of their model homes to see what is inside some of the houses that line the streets of Serenbe.  
  • Bamboo Juices: Cool off with refreshing and healthy cold press juices from Bamboo Juices! Our favorites are the earthy and spicy Turmeric & Beets and Dark Greens. They even have popsicles! 
  • Check out all the little shops and boutiques around town! They have a wine store with tastings, as well as shops for clothing, home goods, and more.  
  • Dinner: explore the extraordinary cuisine of The Hill at Serenbe’s phenomenal dinner menu.  
  • Relax at the Inn at Serenbe’s firepit or bonfire area. 
  • Finish the night with a cocktail at the Farmhouse and Inn and Serenbe’s bar! 


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 5/8/23

Nestled in Western Georgia near Summerville, about an hour and a half from Atlanta, Dunya Camp’s peaceful vibes will coax you to leave the chaos of everyday life behind and find awe in the beauty that surrounds you. Secluded, intimate luxury tents await you here with opulent design and decor. Upon arrival, you are greeted with majestic 180-degree mountain views that fan out from their sprawling two-tier, magnificent deck.  Inside the sliding glass doors, you’ll find antique, beautifully crafted decor, a stunning canopy bed poised next to an alluring bohemian tapestry, flowing hardwoods, spacious area rugs, and fun touches. It all feels like a dream.  

Around the corner, a jaw dropping bathroom space boasts a soaker tub, floor to ceiling free-standing shower with glistening green tile, dual bowl sinks are sure to wow. Not to spare any detail, a gorgeous kitchenette complete with vintage fridge, utensils, and coffee awaits behind the bedroom wall. Don’t forget to look up. The ceiling is vaulted with a delightful pattern that is like icing on the cake. 

One of the best parts of these luxury tents is you can let the outside in! This inside-outside concept comes alive at Dunya Camp where you can roll up sections of the tent to create a true inside-outside feel. You can keep the screen on to protect from bugs or open it all up and walk right out onto the patio! We do recommend opening the flaps near the bathroom, back and front of the tent to get a cool breeze blowing through the entire tent!  

On the two-tiered manicured deck, you have several amenities to enjoy. Starting with the hot tub, relax and unwind while enjoying the mountain views in front of you. If you want to sweat out toxins and leave them behind, start up the sauna and enjoy. Then, you’ll need to cool off in the outdoor shower! At night, light up the grill for a feast on the patio and then fire up the fire pit and share some high-end smores and a bottle of crisp white wine. Sounds like heaven. 

Every detail is just impeccable at Dunya Camp with everything you can think of to create luxury in the woods! It truly makes you connect with the natural world around you. You’ll also feel the relaxation come over you in the quiet, secluded area, the perfect place to unplug! Get waited on hand and foot! Cozy up in the robes and towels, as they are over-the-top soft, we could wear them ALL DAY. If you hear the mockingbird, say hello for us, he was singing for us that evening! Beautiful!  

While you are staying at Dunya Camp, you can explore Summerville, GA or over to Mentone, Alabama to check out the Elevation Bistro. A true farm-to-table gem with a constantly changing, seasonal menu loaded with meats, fish, local produce, and top-notch cocktails. It is about a 20-minute drive.  

Dunya Camp is perfect for couples, groups, weddings, and any special occasion like anniversaries or birthdays! We suggest going with a few couples, having your own tent, but coming together for fun activities like sharing smores or grilling out!  


Posted by Liz Attaway, 3/20/23

Situated near the bustling downtown Alpharetta City Center, the brand-new Hamilton Hotel theme is based on the Western & Atlantic Railway, clean lines, vintage details, and classic design that culminate in a homage to the transportation history of the area.

From the spacious, clean lobby, to the multiple gathering and seating areas throughout the main floor with vintage touches, to the stunning, industrial King Suites, you’ll fall in love with the aesthetics and want to stay awhile. Beyond the space, one of our favorite things about The Hamilton Hotel is the incorporation of curious artwork like the Lilies at Sunset by Luciou Carvalho. This piece is sleek polished, and new, but presents a bust of a woman from the 1800s all while adorning a modern motorcycle helmet on her head. They also have a series of Chic Evolution art like the Green Torso statue by Niso Maman or the Bonhomme Purple by Henri Iglesis. No matter what draws you in to The Hamilton Hotel, you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Let’s take a ride.

The moment you walk in the doors, you find beautiful modern, industrial architecture, clean lines, warm wood tables, sweeping marble floors, and cozy chairs that welcome you to stay awhile. The front dining area is stunning with a large piece of vibrant artwork in the middle called The Consciousness of Koi by Topher Goodie. To the right of the check-in desk is a large hallway to the elevators. It has vertical floor to ceiling mirrors juxtaposed by round, ornate tile and in the center, on a table, a small clock that says, “grand hotel.” Just down that hall are multiple seating areas, one that’s more intimate and hidden with a soft sofa. In the middle is a lounge space with two gray chairs, colorful carpet, and two gold, modern room dividers. Next to it is a long gray couch and hanging above is the painting we mentioned before, Lilies at Sunset. All these spaces are to invite you to relax downstairs!

One of the most beautiful spots in all the downstairs area is the outdoor space that is shared with their restaurant, Carrie’s. On one side next to the restaurant is a large, covered patio dotted with patio tables and chairs welcome brunch guests on a warm Saturday. While on the other side of the patio are enormous patio umbrellas and low lounge seating for larger groups to gather and hang out. There is also a green space for kids to play in near the back. Inside, the restaurant is a long corridor with large sweeping transportation murals, rounded modern lighting juxtaposing the marble floors and neutral wood tables. The large bar lines the wall of windows that showcase the outdoor space. They also have a few high-top tables in the front and a seating area with low table if you prefer to sip a cocktail there.

Up the elevators to the top floor, entering the corner King Suite, you’re immediately drawn to the floor to ceiling windows that line the entire room. In the bedroom side of the suite, a large blue, cushioned, headboard is symbiotic with the mosaic blue, gray accent wall and blue carpet. The massive, comfy bed is just below in between two wood accented nightstands and some beautiful modern lighting. Across from the bed is the TV and dresser area with a beautiful large blue dresser with 20s arched mirrors on top and a cool spot to rest your bags. In the suite area is a table to enjoy a treat, a TV, cushy couch to lounge in, and a small corner bar with fridge, water, and coffee station. This hides the closet where you can hang your hat. The space has Western & Atlantic transportation décor in a mix of pictures, signs, and diagrams throughout the suite and hallway. The bathroom’s tile is a stunning neutral brown start pattern that goes well with the all-white motif and soft wood vanity. Make sure to use the comfy robe and slippers during your stay. You’ll feel like royalty.

While you’re there, you must eat a meal at Carrie’s. It is a premiere restaurant with divine dinner service like their steelhead trout surrounded by creamy, earthy farro or if steak is your thing, they have an amazing filet paired with charred, sweet acorn squash and a nutty puree that elevates the dish. The best dessert I’ve had all year was the chocolate pot. Rich chocolate mousse encased in pistachio brittle all atop short bread crumbles. Feel like brunch or cocktails? They have a great cocktail program with beautiful, delicious cocktails like the Bardstown Cider or the new spring menu cocktail with empress gin, lavender, and a creamy head. Don’t hit snooze on their brunch either, they have a sensational smoked salmon benedict and superb stuffed French toast.

Outside the hotel, there are so many shopping, dining, nightlife options to choose from, like downstairs in the basement of the hotel is Roaring Social, a 20s themed speakeasy bar. It isn’t affiliated with the hotel, so you will need to make your own reservation there. If you’re looking for shopping, Alpharetta City Center has a ton of options including clothiers and even a record shop. Once you’ve tried Carrie’s, if you need dining options, you have so many to choose that it really is anything you want, steak, seafood, beach food, Indian, Mexican, you name it!

Doesn’t a stay at the Hamilton Hotel sound perfect?


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 12/21/22

Spectacular views, warm and inviting, immaculate, opulent, all standing tall in Midtown, The Loews Atlanta Hotel is the IT hotel to explore Atlanta for a staycation or vacation. The moment you arrive you’re greeted with doormen, bellhops, and valet to usher you into the lobby. Inside the hotel, the marble leads you to the reception desk where you’re greeted with a big smile. Something you notice while checking in is the hustle and bustle of the other guests lounging in the beautiful seating area or gathered around the sweeping lobby bar, which almost jets up to the ceiling. You take a short elevator ride up to a top floor and when you open the door to your Loews Atlanta Hotel room, you are STUNNED, amazed with the grandeur of the space. We’re tourists in our own city. Are you ready to explore the Loew’s with us? 

Sometimes that one hotel room comes along that ruins other hotel rooms for you, this one is it! We were on the 19th floor with a corner King suite and opulent doesn’t begin to describe it. With 180 views from the spectacular floor to ceiling windows, the luxurious touches, and spacious bathroom with soaker tub, everything was to the nines! The living room itself was large with multiple sitting areas, cozy couch, a dinner table, and work nook with a view. From every vantage point, you could sit and gaze out the large windows. In the bedroom, the king bed was comfy and inviting and there was enough closet space to live in there full time! The view from our bedroom had a perfect view of Peachtree Street meandering its way up to 12th street! Across the hall in the large bathroom was a sitting bench next to a spacious soaker tub. The shower was large and double sinks for both John and I to have our own. Perfection all the way around. We want to go back again just for this room alone! 

Outside the breathtaking room, the lobby is warm and inviting with crisp marble, lounging area and the bar is beautiful with bottles almost to the ceiling. It feels like a library with library tables and lamps good for small groups where people can gather. The first night, we perused the food and cocktail menu at Saltwater bar. They have an array of shareable apps, delicious plates, and stellar cocktails. Some of our favorites were the Fried Chicken Sandwich with crunchy, juicy chicken and the perfect crunch outside, but they spiced it up with thick, hearty, candied bacon, cool and sweet peach jam, and tangy pickled onions for an explosion of flavors. Paired with crispy, truffle, Parmesan fries is icing on the cake. Also enjoyed the crunchy Fried Green Tomatoes paired with creamy burrata or the wonderful Cauliflower bites with a fantastic spicy aioli, loaded Charcuterie plate with all the bells and whistles, as well as the rich, sweet, and tender pork chop, or even a warm, earthy, fall spiced Butternut Squash Soup. For the cocktail the Perfectly Smoked Manhattan was divine, smoky on the nose but the sip is sweet with vermouth and a warming kick on the end from the bourbon. Smoked at your table! They also brought us the sweet and creamy Velvet Versace to try that will be on the winter menu, and the Espresso Martini that’s like a coffee dessert in a glass. 

They also have a restaurant, Saltwood, nestled in the corner beyond the bar. Our time in the Saltwood was for a quick breakfast one of the mornings before a busy day out on the town. We enjoyed amazing, fluffy, and sweet chocolate chip pancakes. We also loved the delicious and rich eggs Benedict paired with plump potatoes, as well as a hearty American breakfast with fruit and bacon. 

We can’t go without mentioning the care and dedication of the staff that is top notch and the impeccable service. You’re treated like royalty for your entire stay. It’s also worth noting they also have a beautiful spa with an array of options for a relaxing retreat from your hectic life. 

Now that you’re sold, when are you making a reservation?

The Candler Hotel: A Vault of History

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 9/30/22

Unlock a vault of history treasures at The Candler Hotel in Downtown, Atlanta! Beyond the turn-of the century pristine marble, original breathtaking chandeliers, all mixed with modern touches and a completely renovated guest space, The Candler Hotel is the place that any history or Coca-Cola buff needs to stay. Hint: there’s a secret Vault, and you can take a tour!

Does anyone know where the first Coca-Cola headquarters was located in Atlanta? Where the secret Coca-Cola recipe was stored in its early years? If you said, The Candler, you’re correct! Named after one of the most important people in Coke history, Asa Candler built The Candler as the headquarters of Coca-Cola in the early 1900s. Now, guests of the hotel and By George get a free tour (weekends only) of the history of the building AND the vault where the original Coke recipe was kept!! Monday to Thursday they’re going to hold intimate dinners in the vault with the By George chef! Sign us up!

We love the rich history, modern vibes, and white glove service the Chandler offers. When they transformed the Candler Building into the Candler Hotel, they had to literally build each room from scratch and now they are modern and spacious with a good mix of metals and soft touches. Pink marble in the bathroom and throw-back photos on the walls, all with a view of the Atlanta skyline. It’s the IT place to stay.

On top of the lush accommodation, they have QR codes around the property that give takes you to the architecture and history website of the Candler. You can learn so much about it there. Also, don’t miss one of the first American Bank deposit boxes displayed in the lobby or the building directory from the last tenants before the building morphed into a hotel.

We could go on for days.