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Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 4/3/21


A pile of chicken sits perfectly atop a stack of warm waffles just waiting for a bit of maple syrup on top, beside it sits two beautiful poached eggs just waiting to run down the side of a smoked salmon benedict. And just like that, we are hooked on the savory, sweet, smoky, earthy flavors of brunch. We poured, dripped, sipped our way around Atlanta finding all the best brunch spots and came upon a good list of favorites. These top spots each have something unique and special that we want to share with you, so grab your stretchy pants and get ready to eat.


Brunch Goal: Biscuit French Toast. Nestled in a spot in Sandy Springs near the hustle and bustle of Roswell Road, Apron and Ladle is a brunch gem!  Hiding behind a strip mall store front, the cozy cafe-style restaurant, has a laid-back patio space where we enjoyed our Biscuit French Toast! It was brought as a surprise by our server, and we cannot thank her enough! It starts out sweet with heavy cinnamon notes, then bright and tangy fruit on top of the ooey, gooey goodness. It was hands down favorite by John and I both. On top of this delicious find, we also enjoyed the Spicy Fried Chicken Benedict to the flavorful Avocado, Bacon and Fried Green Tomato Biscuit, as well as the Thick Chicken and Waffles, they have a stout brunch line-up. 

Apron and Ladle is located at 227 Sandy Springs Pl in Sandy Springs.

Website: apron and ladle – apron and ladle


Brunch Goal: Pork Belly!  If you haven’t had Bistro Niko’s Chef’s Mustard Crusted Pork Belly you’re missing out! It’s easily our thing on the Bistro Niko menu. In love with the entirety of this dish, boasting bold mustard and red wine sauce drizzled over a juicy and tender pork belly. The crust is perfectly crunchy and paired with a runny egg for a bit of creaminess. Overall, it starts crunchy and savory and ends with a mustard and wine rich kick. We will be back for this one! If you’re looking for traditional or untraditional brunch fare, you can’t go wrong here, they have belgian waffles, brioche french toast, as well as a stellar steak tartare and champagne cocktails.

Bistro Niko is located in Buckhead at 3344 Peachtree Rd Ne.

Website: Bistro Niko | Buckhead Life Restaurant Group (buckheadrestaurants.com)


Brunch Goal: Chicken Biscuit! The Chicken Biscuit has the perfect harmony of crispy and juicy chicken, buttery and fluffy biscuit, and tangy and slightly spicy jam.  It starts out crispy and savory with hints of butter juxtaposed to the spicy and sweet of the jam that kicks up the flavor. This was Liz’s favorite with all that sassy flavor! Our pro tip is to take some of the pickles they put on the side and add them to the sandwich. It adds some salt and tang! We also loved the Ray’s Waffle Burger, boozy chicken and waffles, savory grits bowl, and the tasty cornbread loaf.

Buttermilk Kitchen is located in Buckhead at 4225 Roswell Rd Ne.

Website: Buttermilk Kitchen


Brunch Goal: Smoked Salmon. What’s not to love about some tender salmon, crisp bagel, creamy cheese, and sharp onion? Canoe has a delightful starter, the House Smoked Salmon, that was every bit of this but elevated with a crispy potato cake, the salmon was absolute perfection slow smoked and tender, and the mix of cream cheese and goat cheese was the icing on the cake! Let’s dot it with some spicy onion and scallions and it’s one of the best little bites! Still can’t get over that crunch. We ended up eating the entire thing. Lick the plate? It’s a possibility. We also enjoyed cocktails, amazing scones, and a fantastic half chicken on a bed of cheddar grits.

Canoe is located on the Chattahoochee River at 4199 Paces Ferry Rd SE

Website: CANOE ATLANTA – Tucked Away, Not Far Away.


Brunch Goal: Spam Benedict! With the perfectly cooked and meaty spam, topped with a savory egg and the right amount of cheese, it was an amazing bite. But you know what was the showstopper? The fried green tomato. It was perfectly crisp and ripe and instead of bread held the entire dish together. Just imagine a crispy, crunchy, and earthy tomato topped with pork spam perfectly pan fried and topped with sauce and a gooey, runny egg. Cut up all the ingredients and mix it up, bite. Heavenly. We also got a creamy avocado toast, savory oxtail hash, divine cocktails, and the chicken and waffles.

Carson Kitchen is located in Alpharetta at 4 S Main St.

Website: Carson Kitchen | Atlanta


Brunch goal: Steak and Eggs! This brunch staple was Liz’s favorite thing here because the steak was tender and perfectly cooked atop some sweet and spicy grits and potatoes for crunch. Off to the side the eggs were so well seasoned and savory. Pro tip: make sure to eat all ingredients in one bite: savory, spicy, sweet, crunchy. Beyond the steak and eggs, you can grab a cigar, an amazing Cellar Signature Smoked Old Fashioned, as well as tasty French toast, wonderful potatoes, and a delicious breakfast burger.

The Cigar Cellar is located in Kennesaw at 2500 Cobb Pkwy NW Suite B3.

Website: Cigar Bar | The Cigar Cellar | United States


Brunch goal: Smoked Salmon Benedict! THIS is how you benny. Boasting smoked salmon atop a potato cake and smothered in egg and sauce, it almost like a lox bagel and Benedict combined into one dish! With the salty and savory salmon pairing with the savory egg, onion of the hollandaise, and the creaminess of the potato it was one tasty number. A must try when you go to Corner Café. Plus, they have a dynamic chicken and waffles as well as warm and sweet Bananas Fosters Pancakes, and a Prosecco Sunrise to wash it all down.

Corner Café is located in Buckhead at 3070 Piedmont Rd Ne.

Website: Corner Cafe | Buckhead Life Restaurant Group (buckheadrestaurants.com)


Brunch Goal: Eggs in Purgatory! They’re two perfectly over-medium eggs in a pool of hearty and chunky marinara, chocked full of onions, salty anchovies, sharp Parmesan and chili for a little kick at the end. It was the culmination of a variety of perfectly paired flavors that explode with each bite. Get everything on top of the crispy toast for the best bite. Must try. Pat also has a delicious cornmeal-ricotta pancakes and a stellar cocktail list beyond the Eggs in Purgatory. Plus, you HAVE to get the meatball flight. It’s a must.

Grana is located at 1835 Piedmont Ave Ne.

Website: Grana (granaatl.com)


Brunch Goal: Sour Cream Pound Cake French Toast! Joy Café in midtown puts the joy in brunch, that’s for sure! The second the French toast beautify arrives at the table you’re in love, gorgeous outside, while simply divine inside! It’s dessert for breakfast! Sweet and very thick pound cake-like toast with a good amount of crunch on the edges. Topped with cool and fluffy whipped cream and berries for an essential tang to round out the bite. Love the raspberry and chocolate sauces that sit around the bottom. Make sure to get all the berries, cake and sauce in one big bite. Divine. Best French toast so far! They also have a tasty chilaquiles, amazing chicken and waffles, and a huge breakfast biscuit! Everything they have is delicious!

Joy Café is located in Midtown at 1100 Peachtree Street Ne. Ste. 110

Website: Joy Cafe | Southern Fare with a Creative Twist (joycafeatl.com)


Brunch goal: Avocado Toast! This fresh avocado toast starts out creamy and smooth then comes in the crunch of the toast and the perfect seasoning balances all the ingredients. It’s just avocado toast perfection. We also can’t say enough about how fun their Boozy Cereal where you pick your cereal and booze. It’s so unique. Think of this more as a cocktail! We also enjoyed the chicken and waffles and country poutine.  

Live at the Batter is located next to the Brave’s Stadium at 825 Battery Ave Se. #600

Website:  Live! at the Battery Atlanta – Battery Atlanta


Brunch Goal: Lazy Susan & Chicken and Waffles! It was a hodgepodge of delicious brunch items like a salmon bagel, creamy and cheesy grits, all the brunch meats you can imagine, a slice of dreamy crème brulee French Toast, a waffle, crispy potatoes, and scrambled eggs. It doesn’t get any more complete than this really as you get a good bit of everything on the menu. The favorites from the sampler had to be the amazing cheesy, tart, and creamy grits, along with the perfectly cooked and thick crème brulee French toast slathered in maple syrup, and the little salmon bagel.  Remember to bring your appetite, you’ll need it for this one. We had to include the chicken and waffles because they were John’s favorite. Crispy and tender chicken topped with candied bacon, and atop a crispy and warm waffle. Drizzle maple syrup in for the best bite. All the flavors! We also tried a savory pork belly appetizer, tasty eggs benedict, and the wonderful Thai Affair cocktail.

Mac’s Chop House is located on the Marietta Square at 19 N Park Sq NE

Website: Marietta Steakhouse | Your Marietta Square Restaurant | Mac’s Chophouse


Brunch goal: Southern Benedict. It’s a brunch favorite with a southern flare! Poached eggs perched atop a bed of perfectly smoked and meaty pulled pork and topped with a barbecue-forward sauce. On it’s own it’s delicious, but put some of the well-seasoned potatoes and vibrant salad and you’ve got something special. They also have a great French toast and delicious chicken and waffles.

McCray’s Tavern Smyrna is located at 4500 W Village Pl SE

Website: McCray’s Tavern


Brunch Goal: Golden Arches!  This one has this crazy good, smoky bacon that pairs PERFECTLY with the soft and buttery biscuit, sharp cheese, and creamy egg. It’s smoky with hints of butter, sharpness, and savory egg and Chef Vizethann told us that bacon fat is on the biscuit. Must try. AND we got two of them!!! We also got the savory Not Your Momma’s Sausage and spicy Hot’Lanta Biscuit.

Milkdrop Biscuits is a pop-up located at 4209 Roswell Rd.

Website: Milkdrop Biscuits


Brunch Goal: Breakfast Polenta Bowl. It is like a grits bowl, only more like mashed potatoes texture filled with bacon, ragu (tomatoes and mushrooms), and two poached eggs. Think a mixed-up, eggs, bacon, and grits dish but ELEVATED with polenta and the tart of the ragu. And here’s our tip: play with your food! The bacon is on the top and you can use it as a scoop to get all the polenta, egg, and ragu into one bite. The bacon adds a salt element to the creamy and savory of the other ingredients. What something even more playful? Eat the polenta with the steak and eggs. Wowza! We also enjoyed the steak and eggs, divine dutch pancake, and sipped on some cocktails.

Ocean and Acre is located in Halcyon at 6290 Halcyon Way #620

Website: Ocean & Acre | Alpharetta Seafood Restaurant | Book Reservation Today (oceanandacre.com)


Brunch Goal: Truffle Steak and Eggs! Brunching around Atlanta has taught us to ALWAYS save room for steak! STK Atlanta has just the dish to hit that spot, Truffle Steak and Eggs. The phenomenal wagyu flatiron has the right balance of juicy tender steak and earthy, rustic truffle. Whatever temperature you like this will turn out JUST right. It was paired with a poached egg in a hole, which was buttery and savory, and crispy and hearty potato straws that gave the whole dish a well-rounded crunch. Delicious! We also got the BEST tuna tartare, we’ve ever had, tasty Pork Belly Benedict, and savory Hot Chicken and Waffles.

STK is located in Midtown at 1075 Peachtree St. NE

Website: STK Atlanta | Steakhouse, Seafood, & Drinks (stksteakhouse.com)


Brunch Goal: Biscuits and Gravy. Take us back to TWO for these! All the ingredients are piled high on a huge biscuit, the crispy and crunchy chicken is so tender, while the sausage gravy is rich, creamy, and savory. This great bite is best enjoyed with all the ingredients in one bite. Don’t forget the well-seasoned and crisp potatoes! We also got a stellar brisket and eggs, crunchy catfish and grits, their staple salmon chips, tasty turkey wings, great cocktails, and THE BEST peanut butter pie ever.

TWO Urban Licks is located on the Beltline at 820 Ralph McGill Blvd NE

Website: https://www.twourbanlicks.com/


Brunch goal: Maple Bacon Old Fashioned! When we think of Old Fashioned, it’s just a bourbon staple drink that some of our other guy friends or their father’s drink. This will make you rethink the assumption, the Maple Bacon Old Fashioned is a miracle cocktail marring bourbon, maple, lemon, and candied bacon on top. They take a drink torch and char the bacon in front of you. But you have to eat the bacon first and sip the cocktail at the same time, so the bacon grease doesn’t set into the drink itself. Insert fire emoji here. It was EN FUEGO with sweet and light char up front with a savory, maple, and boozy bourbon back end. Love, true love. We also enjoyed the tasty tartine, savory kalettes, sweet French toast, and loaded bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit.

The Whiskey Project is located near downtown Roswell at 45 Oak St.

Website: The Whiskey Project Restaurant & Bar (twpatl.com)


Brunch Goal: Cold Chicken Sandwich. The waitress told us that her favorite menu item was the Cold Chicken Sandwich, and after her ooh and ahh-ing we were sold. It has to be good if she loves it that much? She was spot on, this practically perfect chicken sandwich in every way, has it all. The crisp of the fried chicken hits you on the front of the palate then the flavor changes and you get the creaminess of the mayo, the crunchy pickles, and the savory of the hearty bacon jam slathered on top. The flavor is so rich, deep, and complex that you don’t know what ingredient you like more. The combination of flavors is striking, and you will NOT be able to stop eating it! Needless to say, put this on your list too! They also have a stellar half chicken, a brunchy poutine, and tasty smoked trout, as well as burrata and beets.

The White Bull is located on the Decatur Square at 123 E Court Sq.

Website: The White Bull – Decatur, GA (whitebullatl.com)


Brunch Goals: Croque Madame Burger! Starting with tender and rich meat in the middle and expanding into crunchy and crusty toast and surrounded by tons of cheese and runny egg, this burger wasn’t much to look at really. One bite and you’re in love with the meatiness, richness of the bone marrow, creamy of the cheeses, and savory gooeyness of the egg. It begins with a crunch and ends with so much savor. Our tip is to get the egg all runny and let it sink in a little to the bread. Cannot stop thinking about it! We also got the savory Shakshuka and grits, handmade-in house English muffin with choice of meat (fried chicken), and an array of brunch cocktails!  

Woodward & Park is located in Grant Park at 519 Memorial Dr Se, Unit 2B

Website: Woodward and Park | Atlanta, Restaurant and Patio (woodwardparkatl.com)


Joy Cafe Atlanta

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 12/20/20

We heard a rumor that Joy Café in Midtown serves up the best brunch in the city, but what we know for absolute certainty is that they have a delectable dinner menu and specialty cocktails! The second you walk in; you’re greeted with a larger-than-life Christmas tree in the center of the dinning room. With babbles and ornaments, tons of colorful lights, packages, and a train running around the bottom, what stands out is the word Joy. Not only is Joy Café have it in it’s name, it’s a testament to the love and you know we’re going to say it, joy, that goes into every dish and cocktail that they make. Like the tree, larger-than-life flavors and textures are in every bite, like the best southern fried chicken we’ve found in Atlanta, the healthy salmon, savory pork belly ribs, “southerned-up” ahi tuna ceviche, amazing cocktails, and unforgettable homemade hot sauce. Who’s ready to eat?

During the holidays, Joy Café turns their bar into a holiday pop-up with fresh, unique cocktails that meld simple, yet diverse flavors. The three from the holiday cocktail menu included Cuddly as a Cactus, Stocking Stuffer, and The Milk and Cookies Santa Really Wants. Our favorite of the three was the Grinch-inspired Cuddly as a Cactus (charming as an eel, Mr. Grinch). You ending up singing that last bit, didn’t you? From the black coupe to the green hue, it packs a ton of flavors like chartreuse, citrus, but very little smoke of the mezcal. It comes off very balanced between the bold chartreuse flavors and the citrus.  On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Stocking Stuffer that’s coated in candy cane flecks and sugar, this one starts off sweet and milky of the egg then comes around and hits you with bold peppermint. It’s a Christmas treat to say the least. We can’t agree more with The Milk and Cookies Santa Really Wants. Boozy kahlua shot inside a fresh homemade cookie glass you can eat after? Yes, please. Plus, the cookie is so good you may want to get TWO, just for the cookie! Now, that’s definitely what Santa would approve.

Starting off with a couple of appetizers, we opted for the Pork Belly Ribs and the Ahi Tuna Ceviche. One of the favorite bites of the night, had to be the ceviche with creamy guacamole, perfectly tender and marinated in bloody mary mix tuna then topped with fried onions. We think it is genius that they added a hint of southern with the fried onions. They’re delightfully and really gives this dish a uniqueness! It comes off with all the flavors, creamy, meaty, crunchy, and tart. As for the Pork Belly Ribs, you’re in for a hearty, rich treat with so many bold and dynamic flavors. From the tender and perfectly cooked belly to the chunky and rich grits to a phenomenal hot sauce, you end up with a meaty, earthy, creamy, and spicy bite all in one. Speaking of the homemade hot sauce, you must try it. It has peppers in it, perfectly seasoned, creamy, and very spicy and puts those boring one-note hot sauces to shame. It’s on the pork belly and comes with the fried chicken, but we bet you could put it on just about anything.

Speaking of the fried chicken, we cannot stop thinking about this dish. It’s perfect. The crunchy, crispy, and oh, so naughty skin peels back to reveal a tender and juicy bird. The skin is so good with rich buttermilk, the right amount of spices, and that unforgettable crunch. But don’t forget to eat with the meat because it’s so tender it just falls right off the bone. This dish comes with not-your-mommas mac and cheese that’s so rich and cheesy. On the other side, we also opted for a healthier option, the Salmon. Just because we said it was healthier, we didn’t mean a lack of flavor. The succulent salmon is topped with a light creamy, lemony sauce atop a bead of mixed lentils, chick peas, celery, carrots, and more. The accoutrements are a lot like a cassoulet but just on the light side without too much fuss.  It’s nicely seasoned and the crunch goes so well with the tenderness of the salmon and the lightness of the sauce.

Save room for dessert, because here comes the Milk and Cookies Pie that we’ve heard they’re famous for! It looks more like a cake, but definitely eats like a pie. Light and airy filling paired with cookie crust, you can imagine you’re eating literal milk and cookies. Now that you’ve had a few things on the menu, what do you want to try? For us, next time, meatloaf! We also must get out and try this brunch too. We have to confirm that rumor.


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 12/8/20

Holiday on the Roof at Ponce City Roof

May your days be merry and bright! We were treated to a holiday preview of Ponce City Roof’s Holiday On The Roof full of socially distant Igloos, chilly ice skating, and sipping on cocktails at Holiday Social Bar!  Igloos are a unique holiday offering at Ponce City Roof and 9 Mile Station! A little champagne, cozy seats, and bites. Wouldn’t that be divine? You can choose from family friendly, 21 plus around the skating rink (shown), and full-service dining experience at 9 Mile Station. We saw they had unique decor like fire or ice too. Plus, Each Igloo is sanitized between groups! Grab the spirits of the season with a selection of holiday themed cocktails from two themed bars: Holiday Social Bar and MixMas at 12 Cocktail. At Holiday Social Bar (free with admission) sip on drinks like Die Hard is a Christmas Movie!, This Christmas I Gave You a Daiquiri, and The Krampus Cane. They also have kitschy, eclectic decor, and a wall of nutcrackers. Plus, they have a fantastic dancing light Christmas tree that was captivating. MixMax reservations are encouraged for an upscale experience. Let’s not forget the skating either. Slide on your skates and hit the ice! There is also Ice Queen residence on Sat and Sun for the kiddos.

Holiday on the Roof is located at Ponce City Market on their roof.  675 Ponce De Leon Ave. Atlanta, GA 30308

Information: https://poncecityroof.com/holidays

Miracle Bars – all locations including newest at The Fox Theater Marquee Club

Merry Christmas, Y’all!  The Christmas season officially kicked off with a visit to Miracle at the Fox Marquee Club! The decor is so over the top awesome in a beautiful, swanky club downstair while you wait! Then, upstairs in the pop-up, presents hang from the ceiling, tons of Santas and Christmas trees, and even a winter village. Sit inside or out, you’ll feel in the Christmas SPIRIT! Speaking of spirits, Miracle never disappoints with their cocktails! Like our favorite, the Yippee Ki Yay Mother F****: Santa pants and all, the pumpkin-almond orgeat brighten this boozy cocktail and sprinkles it with the magical dusting of Christmas cheer. Yes, we agree, it’s about time Die Hard was given its due as a Christmas movie! Also, the SanTaRex is a beyond cute mug with a fantastic concoction inside. Tequila, coconut, and pineapple all come together like a holiday-inspired pina colada. Such tiny arms too but watch out T-Rexes like to hunt in packs. We witnessed them all together behind the bar on the prowl.

Miracle Bars have other locations, all with over-the-top décor, and delicious cocktails! Check out the details:

Miracle at Wonderkid, new to the scene, is excited to welcome in a new era of Miracle in Atlanta. Located at Atlanta Dairies, Wonderkid will be decked in holiday gear and ready to serve up Christmas off Memorial. If being inside still isn’t something you want this year, The Yard at Atlanta Dairies will be in on the fun, making Miracle a safe and accessible experience for everyone.


Miracle on Highland is back for its third year at PARISH in Inman Park and ready to serve up cheer with a side of safety. The beautifully decorated spot is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but ready for you throughout the rest of the week.


Bon Ton’s Sippin’ Santa, the all-ages tiki twin to Miracle, returns for its third year at Bon Ton along with a new location at Golden Eagle. The tiki-themed meets Christmas atmosphere is perfect for those who didn’t get to take their beach vacations this year. Bon Ton will keep its regular hours for lunch and dinner but won’t offer its traditional drink menu during Sippin’ Santa. Golden Eagle will be operating inside and outside and serving up the holiday-meets-paradise drink menu Atlantans have come to love.


Go to for more information: MIRACLE (miraclepopup.com)

Tiki Tango Holiday Oasis

“How’d you like to spend Christmas, on Christmas Island?”  – Bob Dylan covers Christmas Island. Now you can! Tiki Tango, in Midtown, has morphed from tiki hut to island holiday oasis filled with presents, lights, and tons of island holiday cheer. While we were there we sipped on the Campfire, a rum blend with cocoa, vermouth, lime and espresso and topped with marshmallows and lit on fire! This drink is one part tiki and one part Christmas and embodies what Christmas on an island would feel like. The Bodi Hai is Tiki Tango’s own brand of rum mixed with coffee rum and pineapple, this one is mellow and smooth like an island breeze. The coffee adds a little bit of smoke and bitter. They also have some fun Christmas themed entrees like the fantastic sleigh bell sliders with plank fries. We’re in love with their wasabi aioli, so slather it on. They also have wings, dips, and a more. The decor is phenomenal, and you should definitely get over there for an unforgettable time. 

Tiki Tango is located in Midtown at 57 13th Street, Atlanta, GA 30309

Information: Midtown Hideaway Oasis | Tiki Tango Atlanta

Foxtrot Liquor Bar’s Home Alone Pop-Up

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal! We think we all agree, Home Alone is no doubt an iconic Christmas Movie and our friends at Foxtrot Liquor Bar has transformed their bar into a homage to the movie, Kevin’s classic scream and all! With some fantastic cocktails and food here’s some of the fun menu items we tried! The Milk & Cookies cocktail is one that Santa would approve! Not at all milky, but just smooth cocktail that tastes EXACTLY like milk and cookies, plus adorned with a cookie on the side and in this cute Kevin glass. The Wet Bandits is a beer and a shot combo, only this one a dark beer (Sweetwater Festive Ale) and a sweet shot. That’ll hit you in the face with a paint bucket! BEST THING ON THE MENU is the fabulous Holiday Board. It is jammed full with cookies, pumpkin pie and ginger snaps combo, apples and whipped cream, candied nuts, and John’s favorite sausage balls, it’s a smorgasbord of holiday delights. Ya Filthy Animal plate is a take on a loco moco this dish reminds us of Salisbury steak and rice then smothered in gravy and topped with a perfectly presented egg. It’s comforting and hearty! Imagine Kevin eating this all alone at his large dining table. They also have everything from frozen eggnog, poutine, wings, and a ton of other festive drinks. We had so much fun and even spied a leg lamp from last year’s A Christmas Story pop-up. 

Foxtrot Liquor Bar is located next to Tiki Tango at 45 13th Street, Atlanta, GA 30309

Information: Best Liquor Bar Midtown Atlanta | Foxtrot Liquor Bar (foxtrotbar.com)

Joy Café’s 1st Annual Naughty or Nice Holiday Pop-up

With a GINORMOUS live Christmas tree anchoring the dining room, Joy Café has decorated their dining room and feature an array of Christmas cocktails to be sure to make you naughty or nice. On the nice list is the Stocking Stuffer. It’s sweet of a frothy egg white up front with striking peppermint on the back. It balances on the line between sweet and savory. Along side this one, are the Milk & Cookies Santa Really Wants where the name says it all. This Santa approved cocktail comes with a cookie glass that you have to eat after you shoot the milky Kahlua! Santa may leave you more presents for this! Now on the naughty list is the Cuddly as a Cactus. This Grinch-inspired green drink, with slightly smoky mezcal, chartreuse, and very citrus forward. The balance on this one is incredible. This was the favorite of the Christmas cocktails! Whatever you do, stay for some FANTASTIC southern-inspired fare like fried chicken, pork belly ribs, ceviche, salmon, and even pie.

Joy Café is located in Midtown at 1110 Peachtree St. NE 110, Atlanta, GA 30309

Website: Cafe in Atlanta, GA | Cafe Near Me | Joy Cafe (joycafeatlanta.com)

Best End Brewing Mingle & Jingle Holiday Pop-Up

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree.” Down at Best End Brewing, they’ve transformed one of their rooms into the Mingle and Jingle Bar full of creamy Christmas cocktails, photo ops, and holiday cheer! Starting with a Christmas bow wall and a larger-than-life glowing teddy bear to take photo with, the décor is over the top fun that Buddy the Elf himself would approve of! While we were there, here’s some of the bites and sips we sampled. Of the cocktails, Partridge in a Pear Tree is a pear purée, brandy, lemon drinks with a frosty, sugar rum, this was the best drink they have with a sweet fruity start and then boozy on the throat. Then, the Call Me Elf One More Time was the favorite of the creamy drinks. It was sweet up front but had a cool, peppermint on the back of the sip. Creamy and cool! They also have creamy numbers like Santa’s Kiss with brandy, creamy, and honey, as well as School of Hard Nog, a boozy egg nog. A Classic! If you’re looking for beer, the Santa Sleigh Bomb is a pick a beer and a shot, all delivered on a sleigh. Santa would approve. This pop-up has the BEST HOLIDAY POP-UP BITE, Die Hard is a Christmas Movie. This giant, feeds two and the angus beef patty has so much flavor, you could eat it alone. On top of that, you get crunchy hash browns, sauce, and an egg?? Divine! Mingle & Jingle has partnered with United Way Atlanta to provide giveback opportunities. You can also enter the Drunken Reindeer Raffle to win an overstuffed stocking filled with goodies.

Best End Brewing is located in West End at 1036 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Information: MINGLE & JINGLE CHRISTMAS BAR | Best End Brewing

The Elf Room at The Blind Pig Parlour

“There’s room for everyone on the Nice List.” -Buddy, Elf. We agree, The Blind Elf at The Blind Pig Parlour has definitely been added to Santa’s Nice List this year for its fabulous array of festive cocktails, sweet and savory bites, and fun holiday decor. When you enter, you notice tastefully adorned Christmas décor around a swanky bar. The cutest little spot is the big deer (reindeer?) surrounded by a huge wreath. They have a great array of cocktails like our favorite, All Cider Dram. It’s rich with allspice and reminiscent of hot cider, this beauty is sassy and sweet with a buttery finish from the caramel rim. Another one we loved was the Mid-Winter Blast. Be prepared for this one to nip at your nose with the chill of spearmint and crushed ice paired with the warming bourbon and sweet blackberry. So balanced and cool. If bubbles are your thing, the Blind Cherub classes it up with edible glitter and candy pearls on top of the guava and bubbles. You can also drink your dessert with The Dude. Just like the famed Dude and his White Russians, this cocktail mixes vodka, chocolate liquor, Kahlua and a sweet, toasted meringue. It’s smooth and like eating a piece of holiday pie. They also have an array of small plates like the chili-glazed and pecan smoked pork belly skewers, savory mini sausages with a honey mustard dipping sauce, and divine dark chocolate dipped candied oranges. There’s something that will make your nice list here too.

The Blind Pig Parlour is located in Buckhead at 128 East Andrews Dr. Atlanta, Ga BEHIND Chido & Padres.

Information: The Blind Pig Parlour Bar

Jingle Bar at Three Sheets

“Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight.” Get over to Three Sheets to see how they’ve transitioned into Jingle Bar full of frisky cocktails, dancing lights, and some solid Santa approved bites! When you enter, you’re greeted with a huge lighted Santa and reindeers flanked by Christmas trees. Behind it, are a ton of lights from floor to ceiling that dance to the Christmas music.  Of the cocktails we sampled, the first was Elsa’s Hawaiian Vacation. It was our first frozen cocktail at a pop up is a sassy, frosty number with vodka, pineapple, Curaçao, and the coconut sweet rim that balances it out. Plus a little sweet and a little crunch. On the opposite spectrum was the Cocoa Caliente. This was HOT CHOCOLATE with cinnamon infused tequila and Aztec bitters, topped with a ton of whipped cream. Just like childhood the night before Christmas, without the booze of course. They have several light and full bites to choose from like the Charcuterie & Cheer Board we sampled all the way to lamb pops. The board has three cheeses, salami, crispy toast, and a fantastic jam to make a great bite. Love the addition of the grapes.

Three Sheets is located in Sandy Springs at 6017 Sandy Springs Circle. Atlanta, GA 30328

Website: {three} sheets – Upscale lounge and rooftop bar (threesheetsatlanta.com)

West Pole Village at McCray’s Tavern Smyrna

Step into a West Pole Wonderland at McCray’s Tavern Smyrna. With several festive cocktails, holiday decor, and fantastic food, you’ll definitely feel the Christmas Spirit here. The second you walk in you see tons of lights, Christmas tree, and giant blow-up santas, plus they have several great holiday cocktails to choose from, and you MUST stay for dinner! You’d be in for a treat. While there, we tried the Frozen Egg Nog. It’s just what Santa wants you to leave out instead of boring cookies and milk, some eggnog and booze. Amiright? Also sampled the The St Nick and this one one SMELLED like Christmas! You could roll it up in a candle and have in your home! With cloves, rum, and cinnamon forward with the only sweetness from the whipped cream, it’s a tasty treat. One of our favorites was the Holiday Bounce, a old fashioned with cinnamon. Just imagine sitting by the fire and sipping this warming drink. Classic.  Then there was the The Mistletoe, the wine spritzer of Christmas! Delighted by this one because it marries sake, bubbles, cranberry, and booze so well! Sweet, bubbly, and pretty.
Remember we said to stay for dinner? Here’s why! They have a new menu item, the Duck Ramen where the duck was perfection! Then mixed with green tea earthy noodles, savory sauce, it’s a solid ramen. One of our favorites was the Scottish Salmon that was medium cooked and melted into the rich broth below and paired with earthy spinach.  All-around great bite. Then, there was the wild, most interesting (in a good way) bite, the Pork Belly. It has coffee rub and truffle on top! It’s fantastic! The cassoulet was tasty below with beans and a slightly spicy sauce. Why not stay for dessert too? They have a stellar bread pudding that’s crunchy on the edges, ooey and gooey on the inside. Top it with caramel and chocolate drizzle, plus a scoop of ice cream and you’ve got something fantastic.

McCray’s Tavern Smyrna is located at 4500 West Village Place. Smyrna, Ga 30080.

Website: Taverns in Smyrna | Vinings Bar & Grill | (mccraystavern.com)

Park Tavern’s The Rink and Miracle on 10th

Miraculous, Merry, Majestic. The Rink and Miracle on 10th at Park Tavern at Piedmont Park is all of this plus a dash Christmas SPIRIT of and a pinch of holiday magic. Back at it again this year, Park Tavern is always a great spot to go ice skating, but they’ve upped their game with IG photo spots, tons of holiday kitsch and even gotten into the festive glass wear game. We sampled the Campfire Hot Toddy in the Snowman mug and served warm with cinnamon. It’s Jack Daniel’s apple, sweet brown sugar are paired in an adult apple cider that will remind you of those cold winter nights by the fire. Our second cocktail was the Holiday Mule in a Santa Boot. It’s spicy ginger beer, lime, and either whiskey or vodka. The perfect sipper.

Park Tavern is located in Midtown on the edge of Piedmont Park, 500 10th Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30309.

Information: https://www.parktavern.com/event/the-rink-at-park-tavern-powered-by-Pepsi-Zero


The Blitzen Room

Biltong Bar – the acclaimed South African-inspired restaurant and bar specializing in dry-aged beef jerky and craft cocktails – will kick off the holiday season with its signature Blitzen Room. The pop-up will take place at the Ponce City Market and Buckhead Village locations, and near Biltong Bar’s newest location at Avalon in collaboration with Maker’s Mark. Blitzen Room will run from late November through early 2021 and feature swanky, vintage decor, festive seasonal libations and more.


Launching on November 22 and lasting until January 3 as part of Avalon’s Holiday Market, Biltong Bar’s newly opened location in Alpharetta will host Blitzen Room in collaboration with Maker’s Mark. Located inside Avalon’s Holiday Market, the pop-up Blitzen Room bar will feature a menu of seasonal libations made with Maker’s Mark, like Stave Me An Old Fashioned with Maker’s Mark, Calvados, Walnut, Bitters; Comet’s Cider featuring Maker’s Mark, Spiced Cider, Maple, Lemon; and Not Your Grandma’s Eggnog, served frozen and made with Jim Beam Rye, Courvoisier VSOP, Rum, Sherry, Egg, Sugar, Cream, Spice.. The pop-up bar will be separate from Biltong Bar’s location at the property and will include an awkward family photo wall where guests can snap pictures in addition to festive decor. Maker’s Mark will be on-site throughout the season hosting events and activations.


Launching at Buckhead Village on November 24 and at Ponce City Market on November 25, Blitzen Room will also return to Biltong Bar’s intown Atlanta locations this year. Guests can expect to get “Up to Snow Good” with seasonally themed cocktails including Chartreuse Hot Chocolate, green chartreuse, almond, drinking chocolate, white chocolate whipped cream; The Famous Eggnog, brandy, rye, rum, pedro ximenez, milk, eggs, spices; and Elf on the Top Shelf, rye, calvados, oloroso, champagne gum, brown butter. The restaurant’s moody interior will once again transform into a winter wonderland complete with swanky, vintage Christmas decorations, trees with twinkling lights and more.


Originally opened in 2016 at Ponce City Market, later in 2018 at Buckhead Village and most recently at Avalon, Biltong Bar is part of restaurateur Justin Anthony’s South African-inspired hospitality group, True Story Brands. In 2019, Biltong Bar was recognized as one of Thrillist’s “21 Best Cocktail Bars in the Country” for its standout cocktail program.

Biltong Bar values the safety and comfort of all guests and is following safety precautions including socially distanced tables and limited seating capacity, extensive sanitation measures, a mask requirement for guests and staff and more. For more information, visit Biltong Bar’s website: biltong-bar.com.



Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 11/23/20

Joy Cafe

Opening Saturday, November 28th 

This holiday season, Joy Cafe is celebrating the most joyful time of year with its first annual Naughty or Nice Holiday Pop-up! Decked with over-the-top holiday decor and a Christmas tree anchoring the dining room, the restaurant will serve a special holiday cocktail menu with drinks served in festive and cheeky glassware. Cheery servers will don jolly gear, and the restaurant will extend their hours to 1am Tuesday through Saturday for additional merriment.

  • Chestnuts Roasting – Armagnac. Nutty. Boozy. Balanced.

  • Red Nosed Reindeer – Vodka. Tart. Refreshing. Bubbly.

  • The Milk and Cookies Santa Really Wants – Cognac. Housemade milk punch shot. Served in a “shot glass” cookie.

  • Stocking Stuffer – Vodka. Minty. Sweet. Slightly Tart.

  • Joy’s Famous EggNog – Secret family recipe.

  • Vixen’s a Naughty Girl – Housemade hot buttered rum. Served Hot.