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Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 2/16/24

Global Phenomenon and Immersive Contemporary Art Exhibition “Let’s Fly” Arrives at Pullman Yards
Tickets On-Sale Now at balloonmuseum.world

Atlantans are invited to let their imagination take flight as the first-of-its- kind Balloon Museum makes its highly-anticipated arrival to Pullman Yards on Feb. 17 with its ‘Let’s Fly’ Exhibition. Featuring mind-blowing inflatable installations created by 17 diverse international artists, the large-scale Museum transports visitors into a beautiful world of contemporary art that is meant to be touched, moved and felt.

Over 4 million visitors across the globe have already experienced the Balloon Museum’s mesmerizing exhibition during its limited-time runs in Rome, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Naples, London and New York City. The Museum won the prestigious BEA Best Proprietary Format award in 2022, and notably was highlighted as a can’t-miss backdrop in the Emmy-nominated Netflix favorite Emily in Paris.

This limited-time run of the Balloon Museum ‘Let’s Fly’ will take over Pullman Yards, showcasing diverse artwork that explores the lightness and flight of air. Audiences will be able to soar and travel to far-off destinations, uniquely contrasted with heaviness, darkness and gravity. The Balloon Museum will present installations by Camila Falsini, Cyril Lancelin, ENESS, Filthy Luker, Hyperstudio, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Kim Myongbeom, Max Streicher, Michael Shaw, OUCHHH, Quiet Ensemble, Roman Hill, Rub Kandy, Sasha Frolova, Sila Sveta, SpY, and Tadao Cern.

The Atlanta exhibit will also introduce a new addition to the collection: a debut by Motorefisico entitled “Swing.”

Tickets to the Balloon Museum in Atlanta start at $29 for children and $39 for adults and are available to purchase starting today at balloonmuseum.world.

Installations Include:

● A Quiet Storm by Quiet Ensemble: Quiet Ensemble, founded by Fabio di Salvo and Bernardo Vercelli, present an installation in which the audience passes through an environment that awakens childlike wonder, the magic of small things, and is a commentary on the fragility of everything.

● AI DATA PORTAL of ATLANTA by OUCHHH: This immersive installation presents a collection of environmental data about the air in Atlanta through abstract images. A work that, by its nature, transports the viewer into another world is simultaneously site-specific. Ouchhh is a global creative new media studio and a cutting-edge innovator in the art science technology space.

● ADA by Karina Smigla-Bobinski: ADA, created by German artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski in 2017 offers a real interactive experience based on gestures and happenstance. The work was conceived in memory of Ada Lovelace, a pioneer in computer science, who, in collaboration with Charles Babbage, created the first computer program in 1842.

● AIRSCAPE by Silva Sveta: The artwork presented by the multimedia production studio is a journey through different inflatable worlds where all the elements are in constant motion. The spectator is put at the center of the adventure. Beginning at the exhibition site itself, visitors will be catapulted into new worlds and immerse themselves in the space.

● BB by Tadao Cern: Cern weaves an introspective experience that invites the audience into a realm of endless reflection and infinite possibility. The project positions mirrored balloons in a mirrored room, engendering a labyrinthine maze of reflections that blur the boundaries between object and environment, subject and space.

● D.R.E.A.M.S. (Dove Raggiungere E Ammirare Mondi Straordinari) by Camila Falsini: An artist and illustrator from Rome, Camila Falsini’s work is characterized by clear lines, stylized and minimal shapes and strong colors. The inflatable structures and sculptures that populate in this installation will represent the characteristic elements of an imaginary city, immersing visitors in this fantasy world.

● Eye Scream by Filthy Luker: In recent years, Filthy Luker has created pop-art monsters to sit on top of big buildings, breaking the skyline and pulling faces at the world below – it might not be high art, but it is high UP art! Each of the monsters has its own funny character and expression. For Balloon Museum, the artwork is titled Eye Scream and seems to be hysterically laughing and crying simultaneously, much like anyone in their right mind should be.

● Flying Maze by Cyril Lancelin: French artist Cyril Lancelin presents an inflatable version of a labyrinth inspired by Italian gardens of the 1500s. Flying Maze will send visitors into an imaginary habitat with geometric shapes assembled in a way that causes the audience to lose their bearings. The work is an invitation to explore in a space of rehearsals and illusions.

● Fountain of Eternity & Kaleidoscope by Sasha Frolova: Artist and performer Sasha Frolova presents a mirrored and transparent installation, along with a video art installation, Kaleidoscope. Both speak to an interdimensional view and incorporate the latex costumes for which the artist is famous.

● Floating Giants by Max Streicher: Max Streicher presents Floating Giants for the Let’s Fly exhibition in Atlanta. The giant’s bodies are held in a state of perpetual flight, transcending from the earth to reach a state of serenity in their assumption.

● Hyperstellar by Hyperstudio: Hyperstellar is a sensory journey that challenges the perception of our place in the universe, leading the audience to experience the infinite size and complexity of the cosmos. For the exhibition Let’s Fly, the installation is in collaboration with the Quiet Ensemble. The installation is conceived as a total immersion in a mysterious universe, represented by a pool of black balls and a ceiling composed of a sky of balloons of the same color. This environment creates a perfect contrast for the cosmic wonders that will be revealed on the circular LED screen placed at 360 degrees. Here, the magic begins to unfold. The hypnotic abstract shapes before our eyes, made by French artist Romain Hill, are actually high-resolution shots of exploding water droplets and air bubbles.

● Spiritus Sonata by Studio ENESS: ENESS is a multi-award-winning art and technology studio that explores the intersection between the virtual and the physical worlds. Spiritus Sonata is an artistic representation of animism. Spiritus means “breath” or “sense of spirit,” and through this element, the artists invest their characters in digital souls.

● Swing by Motorefisico: Swing, by the Roman duo Mortorefisico, is composed of a series of spheres suspended from the ceiling which come to life through engaging interaction with the audience. As audiences move freely in the space, the spheres will oscillate and spin, creating an interconnectedness between the art and the individual designed to capture the essence of the human experience.

● THE GINJOS by Rub Kandy: Italian artist Rub Kandy continues the story of THE GINJOS in Atlanta with a new setting and soundtrack. The GINJOS are these bizarre creatures in the image of roly-poly toys. They have no noses or ears, only large eyes that allow them to communicate with each other. Squeezed together, they can all be hugged, pushed and played with.

● ZEROS by SpY: The work Zeros is a large kinetic installation by Spanish artist SpY. The slowmovement of the inflatable elements combined with a specially designed soundtrack create a unique, highly emotional interaction where the viewer can feel consumed by the environment.

For more information about the Balloon Museum, visit balloonmuseum.world and follow the exhibition on Facebook and Instagram.

About Balloon Museum
Balloon Museum produces contemporary art exhibition experiences that include the best international representatives of inflatable and balloon art. Featuring renowned artists with specific works in which ‘air’ is a distinctive element. Each individual exhibition offers unique and immersive journeys worldwide. The out-of-scale installations are meant to be touched, lived with and shared, putting the interaction with the visitor at the center of the experience.

Monday: 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Tuesday: 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Wednesday: 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Thursday: 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Friday: 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 10/8/23

Explore Norse Culture, Society, Technology and More

“Vikings: Warriors of the Sea” Opens October 7 at Fernbank Museum

Tickets here.

As autumn approaches, so with it does the thrill of exploration. On view from Oct. 7, 2023 — Jan. 1, 2024, Fernbank Museum’s newest exhibit, “Vikings: Warriors of the Sea” dares to uncover the truth behind the legendary Viking culture and
society. Were they blood-thirsty plunderers or misunderstood explorers, farmers, traders and highly skilled craftsmen? Featuring impressive archaeological discoveries, “Vikings: Warriors of the Sea” sheds new light on the Viking Age, dispelling long-held stereotypes about its people, traditions and influence.

“Vikings: Warriors of the Sea” demonstrates how innovations like sturdy, light-weight ships were brought to the modern world through Viking invention. This exhibit features 140 artifacts that give a well-rounded view of Viking culture, including a replica of a 21-foot Viking ship, personal equipment and weapons, jewelry, keys, silver hoards, coins, and personal grooming items. The exhibit also features a 9-ft tall reproduction jelling stone that provides information
about Viking religious beliefs and history, as well as a number of hands-on interactives. Guests will have a chance to play a Norse board game, build a Viking ship, test the balance between the blade and handle of a Viking sword and more.

“Viking culture has featured prominently in film and television programming in recent years, but in many cases, the perspective is skewed towards that of the Viking warrior,” said Dr. Bobbi Hohmann, Vice President of Programming. “Through authentic artifacts, this immersive new exhibit will allow our visitors to gain a better understanding of Viking culture, innovation and achievements.”

It is through these artifacts that The National Museum of Denmark and MuseumsPartner successfully revive the world of the Vikings who indeed raided, but also traded and generally held a more complex lifestyle than previously believed.

“With this exhibition, we hope to bring visitors up close with the people who influenced and transformed Western society. While remembered as raiders, the Vikings were also traders, craftsmen, explorers and more,” said Vikings: Warrior of the Sea exhibit curator, Peter Pentz. “One of the most impressive items in the exhibit, standing more than 9 feet high, is a replica of the Jelling runestone, erected by Harald Bluetooth. In a way, the Jelling stone marks the beginning of the end of the Viking era. This is what the exhibition is about — the transformation of a society ruled by petty raiding and terrorizing chieftains into a pre-modern state built oncommon understandings and lead by a Christian king.”

“Vikings: Warriors of the Sea” is open from Oct. 7, 2023 — Jan. 1, 2024.


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 8/24/23

Step into a World of Playful Exploration: Peach Museum has Opened Featuring Expressive, Adult-Themed Selfie Fun in Underground Atlanta

Get cheeky at this brand new selfie-museum located in Underground Atlanta for an adult-themed immersive experience.

The Peach Museum by the Original Selfie museum creators, recently featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, have opened a new 18+ selfie exploration experience location on Underground Atlanta in the heart of Downtown. This new exhibit is content creator’s dream, visitors will be treated to an array of thought-provoking and visually stunning exhibits, all meticulously crafted to spark the imagination and encourage vibrant selfies.

As a space to create unique and captivating Instagram and TikTok content, Peach Museum offers a variety of backdrops that are perfect for hosting a birthday party, bachelorette party or a private event. 

Co-founder and visionary behind Peach Museum, Alex Kurylin, shared, “This brand new concept is designed to break traditional boundaries and challenge the norms of self-expression. Peach Museum is a sanctuary where adults can revel in their individuality, creating and capturing moments that boost self-confidence through personal exploration and creativity.”

Located on Lower Alabama Street in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, Peach Museum is more than just a museum; it’s an immersive experience tailored for adults looking to engage their imagination and celebrate self-confidence. Through a careful curation of interactive exhibits, each corner of the museum encourages guests to channel their inner artist and unleash their creativity.

“Underground Atlanta has a very social arts scene that has flipped the presumed norm of galleries with exhibits into experiences that are not what most would describe as typical. We support the movement of art in our property and the constantly expanding nature of that.”  – Lyle Baldes, Director of Special Events at Lalani Ventures. 

Peach Museum is now open on the weekends in Underground Atlanta from Friday to Sunday with reservations starting at 6:00 pm. Selfie lovers are encouraged to book their one-hour reservation ahead of arrival for $19 per ticket. This intriguing selfie experience also offers an option to book the entire venue for a private event to celebrate your birthday or bachelorette party, shoot boudoir photography or host a corporate gathering. In addition to Underground Atlanta, Peach Museum is opening a second location at World Erotic Art Museum in South Beach Miami on September 17th. 


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 10/9/22

Exhibition Shows the Work of 34 Pioneers – Students, Academics & Practitioners—at the Center of the Emerging Architectural Revolution

On View Through Sunday, January 29, 2023 

Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) – the only museum in the Southeast devoted exclusively to the study and celebration of all things design – announces Close to the Edge: The Birth of Hip-Hop Architecture will open Saturday, October 15 and be on view through Sunday, January 29, 2023 at the Midtown museum. An opening celebration with drinks, light bites, beats from DJ Jazzy T and a performance by Soul Food Cypher will take place on Friday, October 14 from 7-9pm and is open to the public. Registration for the opening party is here, and tickets to view the exhibition beginning October 15 will be available for purchase at the museum and in advance here.

Hip-Hop, the dominant cultural movement of our time, was established by the Black and Latino youth of New York’s South Bronx neighborhood in the early 1970s. Over the last five decades, hip-hop’s primary means of expression—deejaying, emceeing, b-boying and graffiti—have become globally recognized creative practices in their own right, and each has significantly impacted the urban built environment.

Hip-Hop Architecture is a design movement that embodies the collective creative energies native to young denizens of urban neighborhoods. Its designers produce spaces, buildings and environments that translate hip-hop’s energy and spirit into built form. Now three decades in the making, Hip-Hop Architecture is finally receiving widespread attention within the discipline of architecture thanks to years of dedication to its principles by practitioners such as Sara Zewde, Ujijji Davis, James Garrett Jr., Craig L. Wilkins and this show’s curator, Sekou Cooke. During this period of emergence, the movement’s ideals have primarily been tested by a small group of pioneering individuals, each using hip-hop as a lens through which to provoke and evoke architectural form. Close to the Edge: The Birth of Hip-Hop Architecture exhibits the work of these pioneers—students, academics and practitioners—at the center of this emerging architectural revolution. 

The exhibition includes work by 34 participants representing seven countries, with projects ranging across a variety of media and forms of expression: from experimental visualization formats and installation strategies, to façade studies, building designs and urban development proposals. In aggregate, these projects reveal a collective vision for alternative forms of expression and practice, and serve to formalize work created over the past 30 years into an emerging canon of Hip-Hop Architecture.

The work exhibited is identified using three primary characteristics: hip-hop identity, hip-hop process and hip-hop image. The first includes authors who self-identify with the hip-hop community; the second invokes a method of production using specific hip-hop techniques or values; and the third creates products recognizable as part of an established hip-hop aesthetic. A new element of the exhibition added for the Museum of Design Atlanta, 3D Turntables, is an interactive exploration of the relationship between hip-hop technology and architectural fabrication.

Projects featured in the exhibition include:

  • Work from There Are No Blank Sheets of Paper by Amanda Williams, in which she questions how violence informs the use, appropriation and design of urban spaces
  • Shanty Megastructures, a 2015 speculative and Afrofuturist architectural intervention imagined for Lagos, Nigeria by Olalekan Jeyifous
  • Lauren Halsey’s 2018 Crenshaw District Hieroglyphic Project, a monument to South Central Los Angeles’s communities

“I’m very excited to bring this show to Atlanta after its three previous stops in New York, Saint Paul and Charlotte,” says Curator Sekou Cooke. “This city is the home of iconic Modernist and contemporary works of architecture as well as the home of ‘Dirty South’ artists like Outkast and Goodie Mob. I’m also thrilled to once again be working with a local graffiti artist, POEST, on this occasion and have involvement from local performing artists during other museum-hosted programming.”


Alongside the exhibition, MODA will host virtual and in-person events related to Hip-Hop Architecture. Additional programs will be announced on MODA’s event calendar here throughout the exhibition.

Exhibition Opening

Fri., Oct. 14, 7-9pm

1315 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Georgia 30309

An opening celebration with drinks, light bites, beats from DJ Jazzy T and a performance by Soul Food Cypher will take place on Friday, October 14 from 7-9pm and is open to the public. Registration for the opening party is here.

Hip-Hop Culture in Ghana: A Conversation with Essé Dabla-Attikpo 

Wed., Nov. 2, 6-8pm

1315 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Join MODA, Atlanta Sustainable Fashion Week and Villa Albertine ATL at the museum for a conversation with Essé Dabla-Attikpo about hip-hop culture in Ghana. A current resident at Villa Albertine ATL and an independent curator and art consultant based in Ghana, Esse is studying the intersection between hip-hop and contemporary art and researching representations of Blackness in hip-hop culture by Black visual artists. Tickets can be purchased here.

Hip-Hop Bricks & Brew with Most Incredible 

Sat., Oct. 15, 7-9pm

1315 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Georgia 30309

MODA and Most Incredible are teaming up to host a fun evening to celebrate the museum’s new exhibition. Attendees will be able to socialize while building hip-hop-inspired creations with LEGO and sipping local beer from Second Self Beer Co.


The exhibition at MODA is made possible thanks to sponsors including the National Endowment for the Arts, AEC Trust, Spacecraft International, the Graham Foundation, EYP: A Page Company, Interface | Flor, National Organization of Minority Architects and Primal Screen. This exhibition is supported in part by the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affair and the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.


Curator: Sekou Cooke

Exhibition Design: Sekou Cooke with graffiti by POEST

Design Assistant: Joseph Appiah

Curatorial Assistant: Mirra Goldfrad


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 10/10/21

Opening This Weekend with Special Events, Exhibit to Run Oct. 9, 2021 – Jan. 2, 2022
Museum to also Debut “Dinosaurs of Antarctica’ Film + Welcomes Paleontologist + Paleobotanist from Feature

Antarctica hasn’t always been icy and barren. Around 200 million years ago, it was a lush, temperate region, home to crocodile-sized amphibians and rhinoceros-sized dinosaurs. On Oct. 9, Fernbank Museum’s newest exhibition, ‘Antarctic Dinosaurs,’ will reveal this lost world. Visitors will be able to see and touch real fossils from Antarctica, along with full-sized replicas showing how the dinosaurs and their habitat would have looked during this time.

The exhibition will contain artifacts from both historical and modern expeditions, including the sledge used by one of the first Antarctic adventurers over 100 years ago and the thick red parkas worn by scientists exploring Antarctica today. Visitors will get a sense of what goes into living and working in the coldest spot on earth.

After exploring the science being conducted in Antarctica, guests will discover the fruits of this labor: dinosaurs. With real bones and artifacts on display, guests will get a first-hand look at the most remarkable findings from the icy continent. Along with real artifacts, guests will experience naturalistic dioramas, featuring life-like sculptures of a variety of dinosaurs from Antarctica. These dioramas and sculptures paint an intricate picture of what Antarctica once looked like hundreds of millions of years ago.

The exhibition features four species of dinosaur: the 25-foot-long predator Cryolophosaurus (“frozen crested lizard,” named for the bony ornamentation on its head), the rhino-sized herbivore Glacialisaurus and two new species that haven’t even been scientifically described yet. These new dinosaurs are sauropodomorphs, early relatives of two giant long-necked, four-legged herbivores like Brachiosaurus and titanosaurs.

“This year marks the 20th anniversary of Fernbank’s Giants of the Mesozoic exhibition, so it seems only fitting that we would host another ground-breaking dinosaur exhibition,” said Fernbank’s VP of Programming Bobbi Hohmann. “Antarctic Dinosaurs is a spectacular exhibition that showcases dinosaurs that our visitors have likely never seen before, as well as the extremes scientists go through to make these kinds of amazing discoveries and contributions to science.”

‘Antarctic Dinosaurs’ also comes with interactive elements. As guests make their way through an Antarctic “expedition” they can touch a stone housing real fossils from Antarctica, explore tectonic plates through puzzles, discover the science behind the polar lights and midnight sun and see how the continents once fit together.

Tickets and Visitor Information: ‘Antarctic Dinosaurs’ is included with general admission and is free for Fernbank members. Timed, online tickets are required in advance at FernbankMuseum.org at $20 for adults, $19 for seniors and $18 for children*. To purchase tickets or view pre-visit information, frequently asked questions, safety protocols and more, visit FernbankMuseum.org

‘Antarctic Dinosaurs’ will be on view daily from Saturday, October 9, 2021, through Monday, January 2, 2022, from 10am to 5pm, along with evening hours during Fernbank After Dark** on Oct. 8 (exclusive exhibit preview), Nov. 12 and Dec. 10.

*Tickets not purchased online are $19.95-$21.95 and may not be available due to safety precautions that limit capacity. **Ages 21+ only.