CoffeeChamps 2019 at East Pole Coffee

Date: Saturday, August 17th to Sunday, August 18th

Time: Noon

About: Selected by the Specialty Coffee Association as the only location in Georgia to host the preliminary event, East Pole’s coffee bar will transform into a competition stage and welcome participants from throughout the Southeast and as far as Seattle––all vying for the title of World Champion. The U.S. Coffee Championships is a series of three events celebrating specialty coffee: Preliminaries, Qualifying Events and Championships. Championship winners will then move on to the World Coffee Championships later this year, where they will represent the United States amongst a field of 65 sanctioned national bodies. On Saturday, August 17 and Sunday, August 18 from 12-5pm, registered participants will face off at East Pole for the CoffeeChamps Barista and Brewers Cup Preliminaries. During the barista preliminary competition, participants like East Pole’s own Whit Hagemann will have just seven minutes to craft their best espresso and milk beverage for two sensory judges, while their preparation skills are assessed by a technical judge. The Brewers Cup Preliminaries will be held simultaneously on both days, and task competitors, including East Pole’s Marvin Duncan, to make two individually brewed coffees for sensory judges in eight short minutes.