How is it possible that it’s been 2 months since Imagine? We recently were reminiscing about the splash pool, the live artwork, the electrifying music, and our favorite festival poles. Please, just take us back to Imagine Music Festival! I guess it’s really only ten more months and $99 closer now. Let’s break out the glow sticks and take a few minutes to look back.

It was about 2 am on Saturday night and on one side of the festival one DJ was shooting lasers, flashing lights, and catchy beats. On the other, a DJ pop-up was entertaining the crowd before the headliner took the stage. It was the culmination of a long, exciting few days of festival shenanigans. There was one day to go, but it might as well have been the grand finale as the crowd exploded in dance. Rewind to hours before when tall ladies on stilts with aquatic outfits posed for a quick photo, a splash pool full of white bouncy balls, large flamingos, and glow sticks in the distance choreographed in unison to the mesmerizing beats. One of our favorite festival past times is scouting out the best of the festival poles. This year the best one was a Pickle Rick-ish from the animated adult swim show “Rick and Morty” and read, “I turned myself into a totem Mortyyyy! I’m Totem Riiiiick.” Hilarious. Right on.

The music didn’t disappoint either with the sounds of BTSM, Pretty Lights, and of course Deadmau5. We caught BTSM (Black Tiger Sex Machine) last year and couldn’t miss the show this year with fun beats, over-the-top lights, and the best of all, those glowing-eyed tiger helmets. It was a not-to-miss show. Pretty lights was so much fun with dancers, performers, and a stunning laser show, while we have to mention the props! All very visually pleasing! Finally, Deadmau5’s more English style techno/edm combo is a huge draw and just the pure ambient sound and dancing lights made it all worth the wait (2 am!)

Pictures are worth more than any word we wrote above. So, check out our picture gallery and start the countdown to Imagine Festival 2018!