Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 8/21/17

If we hopped in a time machine and went back 10 years to tell ourselves that our 2007 colorless flip phones would one day give us an app that offers tickets to live events like concerts, sports games, brewery tours, festivals and more for only $29 a month, we wouldn’t have believed it! But, that’s where we’re at with technology. It’s called INWEGO, a monthly subscription to get unlimited tickets to Atlanta sports and live events for just $29 a month. But it’s just for sports lovers, right? Wrong. Most people we’ve talked to that had any hesitation about INWEGO said they weren’t into sports enough to become a member of the subscription. Well, we’ve got news for you. Are you a BaseballlovingHeadbangingRockerDarkBeerDrinker? INWEGO’s got you covered. What about a FootballWatchingZombiebyDayImprovHecklerbyNight? Check. Or even a CowboybootdancingBasketballHoopsterIPAOfficianato? You’re good. The amount of events available each week have you covered!


Now let’s talk about the app itself. INWEGO adds events 5 days prior to each event. One of the biggest tips we can give is that if there an event you really want to go to, pay attention to when it goes live to ensure you get to attend (since there are limited quantities and some events sell out fast). Your ticket will become available two hours prior to the event and to get your tickets; you’ll need to be close to the event. You can’t sit at home and get your tickets, but they’ll be waiting for you on your phone when you get there. Finally, find a group! If you and a few of your friends all have INWEGO you can group together when signing up for all live events, that way you can sit together! It’s really easy to connect and link to friends! You can also purchase guest passes for most events for non-INWEGO subscribers. If they love it, send them your referral link and you each get $10 off when they join.


Beyond the tips above, we got to try the INWEGO app for a month first-hand and wanted to share some of our experiences with you. We went to a Braves game, a concert, and a pub crawl all in one month. Here are some snippets of our adventures:


Are you IN the next horde? Imagine the streets of the Virginia Highlands filled with gaggles of zombies, while some brave souls have come armed with bats to defend the street. But, it’s up to you to decide, are you a zombie or are you a survivor? INWEGO lets you decide! Not just sports, INWEGO has festivals and even pub crawls throughout the year for everyone to enjoy! This month, they had, the annual Atlanta Zombie Pub Crawl. We go to this event every year so we had to jump at the chance to experience it through INWEGO. It was easy! We signed up, got there and checked-in, all good. Of course, we had a blast with zombies from prison, on a bus, and even a few umpa lumpas that must not have made it out of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.  On top of that, we even ran into other INWEGO people we’d met before. Stay tuned for more on that!


Get IN a Sing-a-long with Mr. Roboto. When REO Speedwagon and Styx concert came up on INWEGO we were sad, it had already had no slots left by the time we saw it. REO Speedwagon and Styx are both bands we’ve never seen and are on our list to see one day. What’s great about this app is that if you check it daily there are a ton of surprises. The next day they released more spots and we got IN! On the day of the concert, we tested to see if we could check in from home, but that didn’t work. You do have to be relatively close to the venue to check into any event. Our tickets were actually very good in the 100s section and they didn’t have assigned parking, so there were no issues getting in the concert or getting parked. We actually looked our tickets up online and they would have been $70 each plus fees, so we felt the app really would be worth it if you went to even one concert a month like this. We met a couple who sat next to us who had used the app for months and loved it. Low and behold we also saw them at the Zombie Pub Crawl a week later (remember, I said stay tuned). To them, the app has become a community for them.  They actually know people most the time they go places from INWEGO! Very interesting.


Take IN a Braves Game. The second you walk into Suntrust Park, you feel the excitement and marvel at the sheer awesomeness of the new ballpark for the Atlanta Braves. It really is the new place to be in Atlanta with everything The Battery has to offer from PBR Atlanta to Terrapin Taproom to Todd English Tavern to Wahlburgers. It is an all-day food, fun, and sports haven. As far as the game, the seats were good enough for the casual baseball fan in the outfield near the mega, ginormous, big screen. We wish we could have been a little closer and not in the sun because it was a scorcher that day, but we were close to The Battery entrance and easy in-and-out.  Our one suggestion would we’d like to see in this app is more about the venue, venue information, parking, and any additional fees like parking you’ll have to incur. Parking is expensive at SunTrust Park so we would’ve liked more information about this additional cost. INWEGO has a FAQ area in the app, but it doesn’t get specific on venues and their details. We ended up looking up the Suntrust Park on our own to find out they charge WAY too much for parking and ended up spending too much time searching for something affordable. If they could add something about this, it would have been helpful at that venue specifically. We didn’t have issues with this at anything else we went to, so to be fair it’s probably just Suntrust Park’s issue.


Do you want IN? Of course, you do. Download the app to browse for free, and use code ATLADVENTURE for 50% off your 1ST month of INWEGO. Yep, that’s $14.50 to try it out for one month and see if you like it. But hurry, you only have until the end of September to redeem our promo code. Who knows you may run into us at the next event!