Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 2/25/23

The pop-culture-savvy bookstore opened its fourth Georgia location, inviting customers to buy,

sell, and hunt for all kinds of treasures.

A brand-new 2nd & Charles is now open in Roswell, Georgia. With this new addition, the popular new and pre-owned book and pop culture retailer now has four locations in the state.

We invite you to join us on March 4, 2023, for our 2nd & Charles Roswell Grand Opening Celebration. Customers can enjoy store credit giveaways, kid-friendly activities including a balloon artist, snacks, exclusive savings and more! The first 300 customers will receive a tote bag full of goodies.

“2nd and Charles can be considered a bookstore, a pop culture store, a place to get toys, or even a record store to some. We do carry all these things, but to those who visit here we aim to be more than just a store to go to. When you come to this new Roswell 2NC, my staff and I want to get to know everyone! We aim to create a community of diverse knowledge and ideas that I have loved to see in all the stores I have worked in previously. Every area is different, and I have seen this in the stores that I have worked in from Pennsylvania to Colorado. The only thing that stays the same is the excitement and wonder new visitors have when they come to a place they have never been in and vow to never leave. I may be biased but Roswell so far has been the most supportive and curious community for us as we have set up as well as the best to interact with in our first open to the public days. I look forward to getting to know everyone and seeing familiar faces from our friends travelling from the areas where previous and current 2nd and Charles stores are located!” said General Manager Rowyn Wind.

There’s a place where miles of books are surrounded by pure, boundless energy. Where casual wanderers find the journey through our aisles to be enchanting – with thrills and surprises at every turn. A place where stories literally come to life and impassioned super fans learn that their fandom has no limits here. So – to those who crave cool vibes and a magical shopping experience – this is your new happy place. 2 nd & Charles is the bookstore – unbound. Come in, get lost and find yourself at 2 nd & Charles Roswell.

2nd & Charles Roswell is located at 10723 Alpharetta Highway. For updates and information, follow @2NCRoswell.