Buttermilk Kitchen plus Milkdrop Biscuits

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 3/22/21

The southern charm of the cottage on Roswell Road near Chastain Park pulls you in from the street with the smell of fresh baked biscuits and the chatter of families standing out in the parking lot, laughing, and talking after an amazing meal. Buttermilk Kitchen is one of Atlanta’s well-known brunch, breakfast, and lunch spots and after tasting a few things from the menu, we know why. Everything from the Friday special, Ray’s Waffle Burger, to chicken biscuit to the boozy fried chicken and waffles to the gooey grits bowl and rounding out the meal with some fresh cut Benton’s bacon and the cornbread loaf; we were in brunch heaven.

Let’s kick this off with the Cornbread Loaf and Grits Bowl. The Cornbread Loaf itself is a heart and dense bread with a light crisp on the edges. Buttermilk Kitchen puts it with a fantastic honey spread that’s sweet and a creamy butter that adds so much extra flavor to the loaf. A great bite before you get the rest of your breakfast! One of the dishes we tried was the Grits Bowl. It’s a flavor extravaganza with hearty, creamy, and cheesy pimento cheese grits stuffed with savory chicken sausage, tangy tomatoes, earthy spinach, and topped with a runny egg. All together we mixed it up and it was creamy and sharp with hints of savor, earthiness, and tang. Make sure to get all the ingredients in one bite!

Of the main dishes we really enjoyed the Chicken and Waffles and Chicken Biscuit.  The Chicken Biscuit has the perfect harmony of crispy and juicy chicken, buttery and fluffy biscuit, and tangy and slightly spicy jam.  It starts out crispy and savory with hints of butter juxtaposed to the spicy and sweet of the jam that kicks up the flavor. This was Liz’s favorite with all that sassy flavor! Our pro tip is to take some of the pickles they put on the side and add them to the sandwich. It adds some salt and tang!

John’s favorite was the Chicken and Waffles. They start out with a buttery, sweet, and gooey waffle with a slight crisp on the ends. Then, on top is some very tender, juicy, and crispy fried chicken left on the bone to give it a little more dep flavor. The best part has to be the maple syrup that’s mixed with whiskey for a sweet and tangy up front and a boozy bite on the back of the palate. It elevates all the flavors of the waffles and chicken and ends up in an explosion of taste.

We also were excited to sample the Ray’s Waffle Burger that’s only available on Fridays! It’s fantastic with a mix of stuffed cheeseburger topped with Benton’s amazing crisp and hearty bacon, a maple aioli and waffle buns. The burger is cheesy, sharp, and savory and mixes so well with the crisp bacon, the sweet aioli, and the crispy, buttery waffle. Whatever you do, get some of the maple syrup that goes with the chicken and waffles to add to this. WOW! That’s amazing with it! The whiskey forward syrup goes perfectly with the savory of the beef and bacon.

Is there a dish that sticks out to you?

Milkdrop Biscuits

Did you know that Chef Suzanne Vizethann recently launched a pop-up, Milkdrop Biscuits, where you can get an array of fun, savory, sweet, biscuit concoctions? Next door to Buttermilk Kitchen, they are for pick-up on select Saturdays only and sells out during the week before, so you know they must be good. We tried the Chefie’s Snack with Golden Arches(2), Hot’lanta, and Not Your Momma’s Sausage. These hearty biscuit sandwiches definitely hit that Saturday morning spot!

Speaking about the biscuit itself is crisp on the outside and perfectly flaky and light on the inside. Plus, the right amount of butter to add that buttery finish. We have to say, sorry mom, Not Your Momma’s Sausage, is better. Imagine that biscuit mentioned with a sweet jam, savory and floral sausage, whipped eggs, and slathered in cheese. Being a fan of the McMuffin with egg, there is no comparison, hands down this biscuit is the new king. Sweet, savory, sharp and buttery.

Of all the biscuits, Golden Arches was Liz’s favorite. This one has this crazy good, smoky bacon that pairs PERFECTLY with the soft and buttery biscuit, sharp cheese, and creamy egg. It’s smoky with hints of butter, sharpness, and savory egg and Chef Vizethann told us that bacon fat is on the biscuit. Must try. What’s a biscuit spot without a chicken biscuit? The Hot’lanta Biscuit is crispy, perfectly fried and juicy chicken sandwiches between two fluffy biscuits. Don’t mess with this one, the heat grows as you eat and it’s the perfect mix of spice, savory, and buttery biscuit.

What do you want to try?