The Shed at Glenwood: Cool Salads and Sweet Treats Mix with Traditional Brunch Fare

Nestled near the Atlanta Beltline in close proximity to EAV and Grant Park, The Shed at Glenwood has a stellar brunch menu with everything from cool salads, savory and sweet French toast, to traditional omelets, eggs, and bacon. Top it off with a specialty cocktail, bloody mary, or mimosa. Perfecto. Let’s jump into our culinary journey, come join us.

Starting with the Watermelon Baby Spinach Salad was one of the highlights of our time at The Shed at Glenwood. The crunch of the sweet watermelon combined with the slight spice of cumin in the dressing, and topped with the savory spinach, which was crisp and light. Sprinkle with crunchy sunflower seeds to all blend together; sweet, salty, light and fresh. Follow up the light salad with something sweet and savory, like the French Toast with poached pears. Light and fluffy, the bread was the right balance of sweet cinnamon, savory of the egg wash, and crunchy walnuts. Top it off with tart blackberries and warm, yet light maple syrup, and the savory crunch of the poached pears. The best thing on the French toast were those poached pears. Savory, slightly sweet, tender. Pro tip: drizzle the maple syrup directly on the poached pears. It could be a dessert itself.

After you’ve done all this, they also have some very good standard brunch and breakfast fare, like their southern chicken omelet stuffed with chicken, vegetables, and cheese. What made this dish was the side of Nashville hot sauce and some of the best roasted potatoes: salty, savory, right amount of crunch, but potato thick enough to enjoy on its own. We found that if you take some of the omelet, get some hot sauce on it, and then add a roasted potato it’s a fabulous bite.

Don’t forget to grab a refreshing cocktail or spritzer! We had one of the best summer patio drinks ever, a French 75 with champagne, lime, and a spritz of Gin. Something you could drink a few of that’s light, refreshing, tangy, sweet, bubbly, and so good. We also tried the Jungle Bird stuffed with house spiced rum, pineapple, lime and a beautiful pink color. This beauty was surprisingly tart but smoothed out on the end with the pineapple.

Next time you’re on the south end of the beltline and need a quick brunch, breakfast, or even lunch or dinner, get over to The Shed at Glenwood. You’ll be glad you did.