Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 2/18/18

It’s worth your while to travel just a few minutes OTP to try a new gem in Roswell, From the Earth Brewing Company. With a brewery-style bar and full restaurant, we were blown away by the quality of both the beer and the food. Beyond that, when you think brewery, you would think the food might be lacking, but it was spot on, right up there with the best restaurants around our foodie-rich town. Making you hungry? Let’s dive-on in!

We tried three of the starters that included crisp Brussel sprouts, warm pork belly, and a tasty mushroom toast. Starting with the best starter, the pork belly with a maple, bourbon glaze that literally will melt in your mouth. Was this a dessert in disguise? Yes. Yes, it was. A must try if you make the trip. Also, the Brussel sprouts were perfectly crisped on the outside with light balsamic vinaigrette. It also had the right amount of crunch from the bacon tossed throughout. We’re not big mushroom people, but because they are brought in every few days from Loud Mouth Farms the mushroom toast was uber-fresh and delicious blend of toasted bread, goat cheese spread, and balsamic drenched mushrooms. We’re a definite fan and we’ve been converted!

Starting with some salmon and ending with wagyu flank steak, we were impressed with the entrée menu offerings for a brew pub. The salmon dish was cooked exactly how we liked with some black pepper and spices. Simple and delicious with a wild rice cake, asparagus, and local honey that was perfectly paired. Then, the wagyu steak was tender and cooked well with broccoli and a hearty gravy.  On the side was a to-die-for Gouda potatoes au gratin that was savory and rich. It’s something that you could eat every night and never get tired of it! So. Good. Finally, what did they put on their broccoli?  I’ve got to get my hands on it when we cook broccoli at home.

Finally, the beer. They have a little bit of everything from a saison, an IPA, to porters, stouts, Belgian tripel, and their golden ale. The stout wasn’t available and the porter was 2 weeks out from being ready, but we got a taste of it. It’s on the right track with a nutty, richly malted beer. Of the beers they offered that were available we thoroughly enjoyed the tripel and the golden ale. The tripel was a well-balanced and sweet with a hint of hop and yeast on the back. The golden ale was a drinkable, refreshing beer that you could drink and not get tired of all day!

Now that you’re starving, get on up to From the Earth Brewing Company. Tell, Tim, Hi for us!