Saturday, March 15th at 11am

Location: Masquerade Music Park

Get Your Green On.


Take a minute to fill your lungs with the fresh, spring air. It’s festival season and we kicked-off St. Patrick’s day with a fun-filled, Bull riding, kilt wearing, music and food festival called ShamRock Music and Food Festival. It was a mild enough day to wear your favorite St. Patty’s t-shirt. Several hundred of your closest Atlantans listened to bands, had a few drinks, and perused a few of the seven food trucks. Did I forget to mention it was at one of the best venues in Atlanta, The Masquerade?

One of the highlights of the festival was the variety of food trucks that were offered to the attendees. It ranged from Peurto Rican, New York Street Food, and even a doughnut tent. I was most excited about the Alligator on a stick from Wolf Creek BBQ. A few feelings swelled in my throat: the first was my love of food on a stick, the other is my disdain for The Florida Gators. It’s the perfect food. Go Dawgs! #gatorhater! Sorry, I reverted to my football-self. You know what I also really wanted to try were the “Naked Doughnuts.” They looked good and they were fresh out of the fryer.

The other draw was the music. When we were there, we saw the opening performance of Take 3. A 3-piece band that sounds like a full band, they even joked that when you get drunk you’ll see more of them. They started out with an 80’s classic, “Working for the Weekend,” followed by a few 90’s song that included Dishwalla and Sublime. They were pretty good, so here is their link to check them out at their next gig:

Finally, I want to take a moment to talk about The Masquerade (again). It’s a hidden gem of Atlanta and one of the best outside venues we have. I just don’t think people realize it. It’s big, grassy, has an outdoor stage, even a place for port-o-potties that is hidden behind a fence. I know, that doesn’t sound like a plus, but if you’ve been to a million outdoor festivals, you know it’s all about the port-o-potties. Kidding aside, it’s a great festival space with so many possibilities for food, tents, and good for all seasons.

All that being said it was a very enjoyable and relaxing time with green shirts, green beer, and way too much food than you can ever try. Don’t forget the mechanical bull. You should see these people on it. Hilarious. Thrive Concerts and Events does this festival every year and you should try it out next year:

Thanks, Thrive for welcoming us into your festival and we’ll see you next year!