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The Bellyard Hotel is located in the hip West Midtown Interlock and an inspired design with a touch of modern, a hint of opulence, cozy nooks, elevated rooms, it all comes together seamlessly in every space of the hotel. The moment the elevator doors open you’re greeted with opulent marble, beautiful large white couches, warm seating areas with wood accents and blue tones, the lighting is calming and yellow. A bull stands majestically overlooking the check-in area. Behind the check-in is a large window into the atrium area. Filled with a whimsical colorful mural, wicker and wood seating, greenery and some free-standing trees, it’s a great spot to relax. 
The room: 

The door opens and you step into a short hallway with calm light wood and a ceiling to floor windows. Around the corner you come across the beautiful bathroom with its green modern tile and clean lines of the vanity, across from it is the large shower and the toilet area in the middle that can be closed off. The first thing you notice in the large main sleeping area is the intricate wood accent wall behind the bed. It soars up to the concrete ceiling. Lofty and airy. The king bed is very comfortable, while the large window seat is the perfect place to catch the Atlanta Skyline. 

Drawbar and Patio 

Located in the lobby, Drawbar is the focal point of the space with a large sweeping bar, lounge areas, and white couches where you can gather with friends or make new ones. Outside in the patio, Drawbar is known for its patio views of the amazing Atlanta skyline. Plus, they have amazing cocktails and tasty bites for any occasion. Like the Seared lamb that is tender and juicy well-seasoned lamb smothered in a rich and deep, sweet, savory Demi glaze then paired with crunchy and earthy Brussels and root carrots. Paired it with their sensational smoked old fashioned. It is nutty pecan infused whiskey cocktail with earthy and sweet syrup and peach bitters. It is smoked tableside for a light smoke. 

Also really enjoyed the fried green tomato appetizer that is crunchy outside and tangy inside, sharp creamy pimento cheese mixed with spicy and sweet and a pepper jelly for a hint of spice and sweet. 
Got the Pina Lope with the tomatoes and it is a spin on the classic Pina colada but with gin. This cocktail is tangy pineapple, floral on the back, and a hint of nuttiness from the orgeat. We also sampled the Hotlanta Margarita is a sweet peach and pineapple margarita with Tanteo jalapeño tequila for some spice and a tajin rim for extra spice. Comes with a candy floater. 
It’s a community! Beyond the hotel Drawbar, the Interlock’s plethora of options is just steps from the hotel door. Nightlife, bars, restaurants, and even shopping. So, grab your walking shoes and explore! 


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 6/7/24

Hotel Forty Five is on the corner of history and music. This hip historic boutique hotel by Tribute Portfolio is in the “Macon Skyscraper,” a 1941 Banker’s Health & Life Insurance Company. John and I recently visited on a weekend getaway to Macon that’s only about an hour and some change from Atlanta! The hotel is steps from restaurants and bars, the Macon Auditorium, the Tubman Museum, and natural attractions for hiking or riding! It is in the center of it all! 
What is in a name? The Hotel Forty Five’s name is rich in Macon history! It gets its name from the 45 degree angle of the street formed by Cherry, First, and Cotton Street and was designed to transport cotton barges to and from the Ocmulgee River. Also, Macon is known for its rich musical past and the numerous 45 records produced there, so the name is a nod to this history. As we said, corner of history and music! Did you know Macon is the home of The Allman Brothers Band? If you walk around the corner from the hotel, you’ll find Grant’s Lounge, a staple jam bar where bands would jam night after night to get a record deal. And you can see it today and hear live music!! 
Inside the hotel, the lobby winds up through the elevators with retro flooring and bank vibes, while the old directory is still visible from the elevator lobby! Downstairs is the beautiful restaurant Loom with a full bar and dining room, and they also have Reckon coffee bar with pastries and drinks for early risers. Upstairs on the 6th floor is Hightales Rooftop bars with sweeping historical and downtown views, live music, and full beautiful bar! A full review of the amenities is below! 
Inside the room, touches of industrial lighting fixtures, a Macon street drawing morphed into a mural with a woman’s face, hints of leather, marble, and retro like the cutest 50s mini fridge and pink funky dresser desk, it is an eclectic mix of angles, textures, and vibes. They even have a schematic of the original building in the restroom. Beyond that, the large king bed was comfy, the beautifully light and bright bathroom stuns, and the historical views can’t be beaten! 


As for the restaurant, Loom weaves a tapestry of southern dishes with elevated flavor and fresh ingredients into what the chef calls “Southern Revival!”  Located in the Hotel Forty Five downstairs, Loom is bright, light, and fresh to match the freshness of their food, and has a large loom mural on the wall that draws the eye. As for our favorite dish, that is the King Salmon. The dish is a must in Macon! A well-seasoned, cooked perfectly salmon filet with an amazing tangy and sweet bourbon glaze that will make you want to lock the plate. It sits on top of creamy jasmine rice that mixes with the bourbon glaze harmoniously! Then paired with crunchy seasoned carrots!  

For our appetizers we got Crispy Cauliflower, Bread Service, Burrata, and Fried Green Tomatoes. First, the Crispy Cauliflower is tender, yet crispy, earthy red pepper emulsion and earthy tart capers all drizzled in arugula oil. The next appetizer is Burrata. It is cool and creamy cheese paired with sweet apple gastric and nutty crushed pistachio. A flavor explosion of sweet, nutty, creamy! On the side we got the bread service, which is amazing corn bread. It is warm and buttery, sweet and savory. Finally, the fried green tomatoes are super crunchy outside and tangy, tender tomatoes, creamy and sharp pimento cheese then finished off with tangy tomato chutney to round out all the flavors.  

We also got another entree with the King Salmon, the Smoked Pork Chop. It is tender, charred and well-seasoned topped with a sweet red relish on a bed of funky blue cheese grits and spicy collards. We got all of this with a bottle of champagne for national wine day.  

After our dinner we went upstairs to the Hotel Forty Five, Hightales Rooftop Bar. They have hand crafted cocktails like the Got the Feelin’ James Brown, a super spicy yet fruity tequila concoction with spicy agave and raspberry! But the best part? THE best views of the historical and downtown portions of the city!  


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 12/21/22

Spectacular views, warm and inviting, immaculate, opulent, all standing tall in Midtown, The Loews Atlanta Hotel is the IT hotel to explore Atlanta for a staycation or vacation. The moment you arrive you’re greeted with doormen, bellhops, and valet to usher you into the lobby. Inside the hotel, the marble leads you to the reception desk where you’re greeted with a big smile. Something you notice while checking in is the hustle and bustle of the other guests lounging in the beautiful seating area or gathered around the sweeping lobby bar, which almost jets up to the ceiling. You take a short elevator ride up to a top floor and when you open the door to your Loews Atlanta Hotel room, you are STUNNED, amazed with the grandeur of the space. We’re tourists in our own city. Are you ready to explore the Loew’s with us? 

Sometimes that one hotel room comes along that ruins other hotel rooms for you, this one is it! We were on the 19th floor with a corner King suite and opulent doesn’t begin to describe it. With 180 views from the spectacular floor to ceiling windows, the luxurious touches, and spacious bathroom with soaker tub, everything was to the nines! The living room itself was large with multiple sitting areas, cozy couch, a dinner table, and work nook with a view. From every vantage point, you could sit and gaze out the large windows. In the bedroom, the king bed was comfy and inviting and there was enough closet space to live in there full time! The view from our bedroom had a perfect view of Peachtree Street meandering its way up to 12th street! Across the hall in the large bathroom was a sitting bench next to a spacious soaker tub. The shower was large and double sinks for both John and I to have our own. Perfection all the way around. We want to go back again just for this room alone! 

Outside the breathtaking room, the lobby is warm and inviting with crisp marble, lounging area and the bar is beautiful with bottles almost to the ceiling. It feels like a library with library tables and lamps good for small groups where people can gather. The first night, we perused the food and cocktail menu at Saltwater bar. They have an array of shareable apps, delicious plates, and stellar cocktails. Some of our favorites were the Fried Chicken Sandwich with crunchy, juicy chicken and the perfect crunch outside, but they spiced it up with thick, hearty, candied bacon, cool and sweet peach jam, and tangy pickled onions for an explosion of flavors. Paired with crispy, truffle, Parmesan fries is icing on the cake. Also enjoyed the crunchy Fried Green Tomatoes paired with creamy burrata or the wonderful Cauliflower bites with a fantastic spicy aioli, loaded Charcuterie plate with all the bells and whistles, as well as the rich, sweet, and tender pork chop, or even a warm, earthy, fall spiced Butternut Squash Soup. For the cocktail the Perfectly Smoked Manhattan was divine, smoky on the nose but the sip is sweet with vermouth and a warming kick on the end from the bourbon. Smoked at your table! They also brought us the sweet and creamy Velvet Versace to try that will be on the winter menu, and the Espresso Martini that’s like a coffee dessert in a glass. 

They also have a restaurant, Saltwood, nestled in the corner beyond the bar. Our time in the Saltwood was for a quick breakfast one of the mornings before a busy day out on the town. We enjoyed amazing, fluffy, and sweet chocolate chip pancakes. We also loved the delicious and rich eggs Benedict paired with plump potatoes, as well as a hearty American breakfast with fruit and bacon. 

We can’t go without mentioning the care and dedication of the staff that is top notch and the impeccable service. You’re treated like royalty for your entire stay. It’s also worth noting they also have a beautiful spa with an array of options for a relaxing retreat from your hectic life. 

Now that you’re sold, when are you making a reservation?