The Cigar Cellar

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 3/3/21

Dark stained wood lines the wall, a black piano sits in the corner, several plush leather chairs dot the floor space, as the large, elegant bar wraps around the entire room and displays all the beautiful liquor assortment perfectly. In the middle of the space, a humidor with all types of cigars illuminates the low-lit interior of The Cigar Cellar, a new cigar lounge with swanky cocktails and divine eats. On Valentine’s Day we ventured up to this new spot to check out their new brunch menu including superb Steak and Eggs, fresh French Toast launched that very day, as well as a killer Breakfast Burger, Mimosas, Bloody Marys and a fantastic signature Old Fashioned. So, let’s light up a cigar, sip on the Cellar Signature Smoked Old Fashioned, and get some stellar food. Who’s hungry?

Nothing goes as well with a freshly lit cigar than a perfectly balanced old fashioned. The Cigar Cellar’s Cellar Signature Smoked Old Fashioned is one experience cocktail to behold! Executed flawlessly, the cocktail is placed in a dome and filled with smoke and presented to the customer and the dome removed and the smoke released unveiling the beautiful old fashioned inside. Beyond the beautiful presentation, the cocktail itself is a flavor extravaganza starting sweet and boozy and ending with a light smoke finish. This is a must try! All of their glass wear and cocktails are presented well, we loved the design on the Bloody Mary glass in particular.  Stunning.

From the brunch menu, we selected the French Toast, Breakfast Burger, and Steak and Eggs. Starting with the French Toast was pretty spectacular with a slight crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. From the crunch of the nuts, the tang of the fruit, and the right amount of maple syrup, the toast had a ton of flavor all the way around. The second entrée we sampled was the Breakfast Burger with Bravas Patatas.  This delicious option has everything you’d want with a savory runny egg, hearty-cut bacon, gooey sharp cheddar cheese and double angus patties all encompassed in a toasty-buttery bun. The burger is perfectly seasoned and is a great bite! The accoutrement to the burger were the Bravas Patatas that were perfectly cooked and crisp, hearty, and warm, topped with a spicy, sweet aioli that’s amazingly good. Our pro tip is to put some of the potatoes and aioli on the burger, you’ll thank us.

Of all the bites we tried, our favorite had to be the superb Steak and Eggs. Fall-apart tender and meaty pieces of steak atop of some crunchy, sweet, spicy potatoes and grits and next to that sensationally seasoned over-medium eggs! Just imagine the meaty and tender steak mixed with the crunch of the potatoes, spiciness and sweetness of the grits and sauce, then even more taste with the addition of the runny egg to liven up the dish with some savor. Can’t stop thinking about all the flavors combined; we’d recommend getting all the ingredients together in one bite. Divine.

As we sat by the fire on the patio, we lightly chatted with a couple at a table near us and finished sipping on our drinks. This will be a Valentine’s Day to remember for sure. What do you want to try?