Carson Kitchen: Resting Brunch Face

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 8/25/20

We were thinking and someday we will look back fondly upon our time as Adventures in Atlanta, where we reviewed food, went to breweries, and promoted events. With that, we’re sure Carson Kitchen will definitely stick out as one of the best of those experiences because they have phenomenal food, some of the nicest and amazing staff around, and a killer drink menu. Now, they have brunch, could it get any better? We figure not, but we sampled our way through a few of the brunch menu options like the amazing Spam Benedict, savory Chicken and Waffles and Oxtail Hash, sublime Avocado Toast, and don’t get us started on their brunch cocktails. Their slogan Resting Brunch Face is spot on. Hitting it out of the park once again with so many unique flavor combinations, textures, and stellar brunch fare. Spam Benedict, anyone?

When we tell you, we’ve found our brunch bff drink, you know it must be good. The Alexa Play, “Georgia Peaches” is fresh, crisp, sweet, yet mellow. If I (Liz) could have one drink the rest of my  life, it would be this beauty with the right mix of champagne and peach puree. Plus, we know they said this was their take on a Bellini but never had a Bellini so refreshing and crisp. Do they make this puree in house? I mean, they have to! We also REALLY liked the Tangled up in Blue. It was a crisp and refreshing vodka cocktail with blueberry puree that was sweet and tart that mixed perfectly with the ginger beer and lemon.

Right now they’re doing a limited brunch menu with fun dishes like a dynamite Spam Benedict or savory Oxtail Hash, as well as a Pork Belly, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich, Chicken and MAC-N-CHEESE (yes all caps) Waffle, Avocado (and cheese) Toast, and so many other little bites. How did we get so lucky? Starting with the Chicken and Waffles, it was a savory waffle dish with mac and cheese literally baked into the waffle dough with crispy chicken on top. Adorned with a drizzle of a good amount of cheddar cheese sauce, so as you eat it you get the crisp of the chicken and savory of the waffle and macaroni mix. It was like a fun take on mac n cheese. The only thing we’d like to see is a little sweet, like maybe some honey or something sweet that pairs with the cheese on top. Still delicious.

Let’s discuss Avocado Toast. You know, this can be so healthy, but why not try something different? With the perfectly cooked egg, avocado, and a little bit of beer cheese with a sharp bite, this Avocado Toast is crunchy, creamy, earthy, and unforgettable. With the toast, we also decided to sample the Oxtail Hash. If you haven’t had oxtail what are you waiting for? It’s a lot like pulled pork, but it’s a little richer and has a little more flavor than a regular pulled pork. Then you pile on the potatoes, onions, and peppers it rounds out the dish. You can’t get a hash without the egg, and this one was a beauty that was perfectly cooked, and the yolk ran through the potatoes and oxtail to create a savory sauce. Yum.

Of the brunch fare, our favorite had to be the Spam Benedict. They were out in our brunch initial visit and we couldn’t stop thinking about trying it so we went back. WORTH IT. Boy, we’re glad we did with the perfectly cooked and meaty spam, topped with a savory egg and the right amount of cheese, it was an amazing bite. But you know what was the showstopper? The fried green tomato. It was perfectly crisp and ripe and instead of bread held the entire dish together. Just imagine a crispy, crunchy, and earthy tomato topped with pork spam perfectly pan fried and topped with sauce and a gooey, runny egg. Cut up all the ingredients and mix it up, bite. Heavenly.

On August 26th, Carson Kitchen is expanding their hours and menu with even more bites to choose from like everything bagel flatbread to German potato salad to a pork tenderloin. Chicken thighs are still on our list to try, plus we can’t say no to pork tenderloin or everything bagel flatbread. What would you want to try first?