Monday Night’s Once Upon A Dream Prom


Posted by Liz and John Attaway 2/28/16

It was like a throw back to the simpler times of impressing the boys, wondering what to wear to class, and cramming for that important exam. Prom. There were several highlights of the Once Upon a Dream Prom: one being the parade of mullets. We didn’t expect there to be more mullets than in Daytona Beach and Pensacola combined! Also, the barrage of 80’s clad tuxes and dresses were hilarious and that’s the angle we’ll take if we do this again next year. Side pony tail, please. All-in-all a fun night of dancing, sipping Monday night beer, and taking in the sites.

New Menu Preview at STK Atlanta

Posted by John and Liz Attaway 11/9/15

We found ourselves in the midst of STK Atlanta’s new menu preview for Winter, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Every. Minute. We CS7mgDVWsAE0rpV.jpg largetried everything from steak to swordfish to tuna, as well as desserts, appetizers, and cool new cocktails. Here are a few of our favorite things. The entrees were really dynamite with a triple threat: swordfish, tuna, and steak. Liz’s favorites was Swordfish and John’s was the steak. Both stellar. Of the other elements: the beet salad was delicious and the chocolate cake was the overwhelming favorite of the desserts. Check out their website at:

A special thanks to Caren West PR who held the event.

The Joy Formidable at Park Tavern

One of our favorite bands right now is the rockin, grunin’, and all-out fun band, The Joy Formidable, from Whales. To our delight, they played a free and intimate concert at Park Tavern where we could hear everything from their big hit, Whirring to Cradle to This Ladder Is Ours. If you’ve never heard them, they have a fresh, electronic sound that mixes grunge and rock elements with some of the best guitar and drums to come out in the new Millenia. The highlight of this detour was, of course, meeting Ritzy, the lead singer of the band! She had a beautiful accent and had some nice things to say about Atlanta. #girlcrush! The other highlight was getting to see our favorite Atlanta band, Today the Moon, Tomorrow The Sun play with one of our favorite rock bands!


DragonCon 2015

All-in-all, DragonCon 2015 was a success all the way around. The Highlights by day include opening night there was an Amish group that would yell “knees” when they saw a girl’s bare knees. This is something I’ve never seen at DragonCon. Well, done. Friday was #forcefriday and an AT-AT stormed the Marriott Marquis lobby, not to mention Felicia Day is as darling as she appears to be on TV. Did you know she wrote a book? She’s a renaissance woman. On Saturday, the Sleepy Hollow panel didn’t disappoint with Tom Mison being called “super hot Jesus” so he texted his mom and Nicole Beharie coming in late to the joke.

Atlanta Meatball Festival

That Atlanta Meatball Festival had 20+ restaurants with meaty-meatball tastes. The highlights included Double Zero’s porkbelly meatball, which was one of our favorite at the festival, as well as Madre & Mason’s Turkey meatball with all the trimmins: gravy and collards. The chef was so nice and made me one without the gravy and it was worth it with tasty corn, poblano peppers and turkey. The Double Zero’s porkbelly was so tender and one of those meats you could eat with no sauce or pizzazz. Just a darn good, meatball. There was also a very good lamb meatball by One Flew South that was very spicy but very good. All-in-all very good food overall. Oh, and a special SHOUT OUT to our favorite DJ Madflip for livening up the festivities.

The Frye Company Preview with Farm to Ladle

IMG_7663You enter The Frye Company and you are greeted with the smell of leather and a piece of leather art hanging from the ceiling. This “chandelier” contains 7,000(!) leather straps with brass rings hanging from suspended iron work. The highlights of The Frye Company are a structured blue purse, Sabrina Double Buck bootie, and Mikaela Strappy bootie. If you want some high-end leather shoes, this is your place. It is located in the Ponce City Market. While we were there we got to try a sandwich and gazpacho pairing from Farm to Ladle. I had the roast beef sandwich, which was simply dressed with a mustard mix and arugula. They carry everything from sandwiches like the roast beef and egg salad made with avocado, soup, and fresh salads. They open September 1st, 2015.


The Frye Company:

Farm to Ladle:

Stokeswood 2075 Release with Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

IMG_7578Friday, June 19th at Terminal West. This June foray into electronic rock madness didn’t disappoint. The both brought all the dancey, rocky, indie, electronic-y goodness that you would expect and we loved every minute. The stars won’t alight like this again. The cosmos must have parted. It was #Stokesmoon.  I’m so glad we got to witness it in all it’s glory.

Night of Spectacles 2015

By Liz and John Attaway

We charlestoned our way to the Atlanta Freight Depot on Saturday, April 25th for the annual Night of Spectacles. We’ve been going to this event for years and enjoy helping fellow Georgians get the eye wear and surgeries they can’t do without the help of the Georgia Lion Lighthouse. This year was a roaring twenties theme that highlighted a full seated dinner, fun fashion show, and live entertainment. The highlight of the evening was Blair Crimmins and the Hookers who put on a stellar show and the perfect companion to the twenties theme.

Georgia Renaissance Festival 2015

By Liz and John Attaway

We traveled to the Ga Ren Fest on Saturday, April 18th. We planned on scouting out everything we wanted to do on the Cosplay Weekend when we were going back, but that didn’t happen as life got in the way. Of the things we did do this fun day, the highlights included food on a stick: meat, meatballs, candy, chicken, hot dogs, and bacon. It was anything you wanted you could get fried and on a stick. As far as the highlight event: The Joust, of course. Since this was the toga weekend, there were chariots, and I imagine each week had a special theme twist. The good guy won and everyone went home happy (with the Nun’s Bible song in their head).

2015 Oakhurst Wine Crawl

Oakhurst turned out to be a cute little town! Being our first real wine crawl and festival, it had everything from Pinot Noirs to Pinot Grigios, as well as every type in between. Liz’s favorite was the Pepi Pinot Grigio, for white wine lovers everywhere!

What made it even better was the festival extended out to local, near-by restaurants with their own wine tastings, which included two we crawled to: Universal Joint and Steinbeck’s.  We’ll adventure there again another day!