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You heard us right. We have a two all-access badges to give away to what we’re calling Atlanta’s SXSW! Here’s a little bit about TERMINUS, which is a four-day event devoted to connecting young creatives and industry professionals for the best of film, TV and gaming. Taking place June 16 through 19, 2016, at the Marriott Marquis in Downtown Atlanta, the event will feature hands-on workshops, educational panels, game design expos, exclusive film screenings, awards, as well as chances to meet and network with celebrities, industry leaders, and much more.

We get it, you want to know, “how do I get these badges?” It’s simple. Like our Facebook page, our Instagram, or follow us on Twitter then also like the Terminus page on Facebook. Yes, we’re going to check, you have to be a follower and like Terminus on Facebook to get your reward. We will also be posting frequently about it on all social media. If you like and retweet/share those posts, you’ll get ANOTHER entry or if you already like us, here’s your chance to enter. I know, we’re generous. The badges’ lucky owner(s) will be chosen at random on June 12th and will be contacted that day to coordinate getting your badge(s).

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Friday, April 22nd to Sunday, April 24th at Times Vary by Day

Location: Centennial Olympic Park

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 5/1/16



Sweetwater 420 Fest from day one has always been a mixIMG_8537 of music types, like rock, reggae, and rap. This year there were several big name performers of today and yesterday: Kid Rock, Cypress Hill, The Roots, Bastille, Ludacris, and so much more. Kid Rock began his set with “Don’t Stop Believin‘” as well as Cowboy Baby” peppered in and then ending with the beginning of “Purple Rain” before the heavens opened and drove the audience to shelter. Did Prince NOT want Kid Rock to sing “Purple Rain” or was it a coincidence? Hm. Bastille flowed their way on the stage with smooth tunes. Rebelation was perfect for Earth Day and 420 belting out reggae tunes like it was going out of style. That being said, we originally intended to do what we called Sweetwater 420 Fest in pictures and write something about each band, but in writing this blog, we realized we wanted to dwell on the band that nailed it, wowed us, and killed it.

What happened to the good old days of anything from AC/DC to old Metallica to STP to Ozzy Oawolnationsborne? Where are the threading guitars, mosh pits, reverb, guitar solos, building musical solos that culminate in a flurry of instruments and noise, some real, unadulterated rock?  There are a few bands that come to mind that is current and not-so-mainstream like The Joy Formidable and Silversun Pickups. We’re adding another band to that list that could be legendary: Awolnation. One of the staff for the production company that put on 420 was so wowed that he said they are the next headlining band. We argue, they already are!

With a mix of punk, rock, and harmony, Awolnation brought their A-game. When they entered the stage, dressed in mechanic’s jumpsuits, they kicked-off a great concert with hits like “Hollow Moon” and “Kill Your Heroes.” We wondered why do they wear jumpsuits on stage? We were hoping it was a shout-out to Lost’s Dharma Initiative. Pretty please? We couldn’t glean anything from the internet so there’s always hope. Crossing fingers. What we really enjoyed about Awolnation is they could have been just any other bacrowd waiting for AWOLnd that plays a bland melodic song with a mix of electronic and indie sound. We found they are NOT rock-lite or even good indie rock but much more. They know how to go all punk and rock-out and that was what really hit their performance home for us. The lead singer, Aaron Bruno, is also interactive and seemed to really enjoy his own music, which is refreshing. The Last song was, of course, the one that they broke on the rock scene with “SAIL!” A perfect mix of rock, electronic, and harmony. We, along with our friends in the general audience, were all too excited to hear it live. It didn’t disappoint. Rock on, AWOL. We promised our young niece a good show, so keep it up! We’re holding you to it…








Saturday, April 16th at 1pm

Location: Historic 4th Ward Park

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 4/23/16


venkmans blt hhWhen the weather turns warmer, and the flowers bloom, festivals pop-up and fill our weekends with food, something usually fried, and local art and music. As the years go on, it seems like more festivals flood our city, which isn’t a bad thing! With more to do, it’s nice to have a go-to, tried-and-true, festival that never disappoints, that’s Hogs and Hops. This year, we enjoyed a BLT, beers, and of course, a big couple pieces of brisket.

Starting with our favorite foods, there was a lot to choose from so it was a hard decision. First, Venkman’s BLT was divine with pork belly, bacon jam, and slaw all on a bun. The pork belly was very meaty with a slight smoke while the bacon jam added to the savor. Then, when you add in sweet slaw and a sweeter bun and there is a mix of sweet and salty. I’ve never had a BLT that was pork belly centered, but it was worth it. We also loved DBA Barbecue’s brisket. First off, it is one large piece of meat, with a good rich brisket flavor. It was slightly smoky, but fall off the bone tender, with a delicious caramelized skin. We also heard that the Mac The Cheese’s mac-n-cheese with pimento cheese and pork was so good, it was the best thing they ever put in their mouth. One thing was for sure, the food at Hogs and Hops this year was top notch, like always.

DBA BBQ HHLet’s not forget about the Hops part of Hogs and Hops. This year Hogs and Hops went undercover and was one heck of a beer festival underneath that Hogs exterior. They had so many local brews, which is all the rage and really want the people want right now. There were also a few new breweries that just came on the Atlanta brewery scene, Dry County to name one. Some of our favorite beers were also on tap: including Monday Night’s Drafty Kilt, their Cinnamon Cocoa Drafty Kilt, and IPA, as well as Reformation Stark and Red Hare’s Sticky Stout. One beer that we hadn’t had yet was Blue Tarp’s Last Place Imperial Stout. It was slightly smoky with a smooth finish, as well as had dark chocolate and coffee notes. We enjoyed it!

Enjoying some pork, sipping on a beer is one of the best ways to spend a beautiful spring day. We’re looking forward to our next Atlanta Beer Festivals event, Atlanta Summer Beer Fest in June. Bummed you missed Hogs and Hops? Here’s a link to Atlanta Beer Festival’s list of upcoming events: http://atlantabeerfestivals.com/.  Until then, enjoy the spring weather and we’ll see you next time!


Saturday, March 26th at 1pm

Location: Dad's Garage


Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 4/8/16

Around the corner, the church bell rings. Its noon in Atlanta on a dreary, fog-laden, barely spring day with all the hope that bacon will bring sunshine and happiness. Yes, bacon. That means BaconFest 2016 was upon us with all its bacon-y glory. That unmistakable sizzle, that smoky goodness, hilarious games, and pair it with beer, and that’s BaconFest.  This year, fresh off purchasing new digs, Dad’s Garage moved the festival from Masquerade Music Park to their new location in Old Fourth Ward. What’s ironic is this irreverent bunch of improvers now reside in a church. But you know, that’s how they like it… ironic. New place, same fun.

The best, and our favorite activity at BaconFest is always the Hobo Wine Tasting. We remember the first year that we attended and I was fascinated by the sheer nastiness of the wine. To think that this year’s best in show was Arbor Mist Blackberry is a travesty. In what world is Arbor Mist ever good? Whatever you do, DO NOT try the Thunderbird. It’s rubbing alcohol light. Stay away! Everything in between is pretty gross as well, Night Train, Cisco (Strawberry & Peach), Mad Dog 20/20, and Wild Irish Rose. Fun fact: Dayroom, a local Athens band from the late 90’s had a song called, Irish Rose. They talk about drinking cheap wine and waking up stinking like Wild Irish Rose. We assume they mean this drink. WHY, Dayroom, why? Drinking it is one thing, but smelling like it? Gross.

Another game we enjoyed this year was the Battle Shots. Based on the game, Battleship, opponents guessed the location of the shots on the board. If you hit their boat, they would drink the corresponding shot. If they hit your boat, you drink your corresponding shot. Yes, we can see where this would turn you sideways but it was just Miller Lite in there. It was looking like we would win but unfortunately a guy with a cat face-painted on his forehead beat us. This game wasn’t really about winning or losing, but about getting to drink all your beer in a fun, interesting way. It was fun!

We got Rick Rolled at BaconFest! In the church’s basement, adjacent from the photo booth was a Rock Band set up. While we were sitting there, we hear “Never gonna give you up…” Yep, we just got Rick Rolled. We all laughed about it. Some of the other games included human Foosball, which the ball kept coming out of the game and knocking over people’s beers or hitting them in the head. You could get a kiss from the Clairemont Lounge’s world-famous, Blondie. Yeah, no thanks. Plus, there were the caricatures, roasting, and face-painting.

All-in-all between the bacon, bacon chips, beer, games, and improv skits, BaconFest didn’t disappoint. The weather was a little misty, with light rain mixed in early, but gave way to a pretty nice day overall. It didn’t keep the bacon lovers away. The lines got long, so thank Caren West PR for Whole Hog VIP! Since there was no actual VIP, they made separate lines at all the stations for Whole Hogers to get up front. It was pretty nice! Go Whole Hog next year!


Saturday, March 5th at 12 am

Location: Historic 4th Ward Park

Atlanta Brunch Festival 2016

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 3/13/16


An egg breaks into a pan, there is a low sizzle, now topped with bacon jam, and a hint of maple drizzle. One part juice, three parts champagne, keeps the head loose, maybe a trip down memory lane. Yes, it’s an ode to the almighty brunch. It’s something that peaks this poet’s interest, be it hash, chicken & waffles, breakfast tacos, or Huevos Ranchero, it doesn’t seem like we can ever get enough. No matter how you do your brunch, Atlanta Brunch Festival had it all. You couldn’t go wrong. Here’s the meat and potatoes.

One of the first things we tried at Atlatlanta brunch fest breakfast tacoanta Brunch Fest was Wahoo Grill’s Hash. It was a menagerie of flavors: apple, bacon, potato, and collards. It was delicious, with the right amount of sweet apple and salty collards on top of the hearty bacon and smooth potatoes. Right across from Wahoo Grill was a long line for Another Broken Egg. The draw? Fried Green Tomato BLT. The freshly fried green tomato on top of bacon and lettuce, what’s not to like? They also gave you a beignet on the side, which was the best thing I had all day! The right amount of crisp, fried, and sweet powdered sugar.

On the other side of the park, we kept seeing a chunk of Mexican food topped with Chihuahua cheese. We had to scope out where this was coming from; it was Guaco Joe’s. We heard people raving about them! I got the breakfast taco which was a delicious mix of egg, sausage, pico de gallo and crisp lettuce. It was a lot of food and very satisfying. Near there, our friends at the Mad Italian were grilling up fresh, to-order cheese steaks. Fresh, hot, and meaty, they might be right in they are the best cheese steak south of Philly. We love these guys! Funny story, we met a guy who actually thought Mad Italian was offering cheesecake. He went up and got his cheese steak and took a bite and was like, “this isn’t cheesecake.” I just shook my head. Cake doesn’t equal steak.

One of the best spreads was DBA’s potato and pulled pork hash topped with eggs, along with a side abe atlanta brunch festivalof bacon, then top that off with a plate of chicken and waffles. The pulled pork went perfectly with the potato and onion mix, it was the right blend of savory and salt. The bacon was crisp and thick, and in unlimited supply. The chicken with the chicken and waffles was a little bit spicy, as well as seemed to have a hint of bacon in the batter. As for the waffle, it had just the right amount of sweet to compliment the maple and chicken. Overall, delicious all the way around.

When the sun started to set behind Ponce City Market and all the orange juice had run dry, we rolled out full and happy. We should have worn yoga pants! On top of that, it was one of the most beautiful spring-like days we’d ever seen, while the food was dynamic and top-notch. The perfect day, if that can even exist. P.S. it does.


Saturday, January 31st at 1pm

Location: The Masquerade

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 2/15/2016

While the low clouds and frosty morning dew have plagued the land for months, the long winter wasn’t as brutal as the one before, yet the town-folk were ready for some good old-fashioned sunshine and warmer temps. Once Atlanta Winter Beer Fest comes around, there is light at the end of the cold, winter tunnel, and it’s always the best way to kick-off festival season 2016. This year, the weather was almost warm, and the beautiful day, along with the unlimited winter beer made for an ideal Atlanta festival day. We love Atlanta Winter Beerfest!

We always challenge ourselves to find new and exciting beers to chat about and this year was no exception. Over the last few years with the local brewery phenomenon, and the bigger brands clawing to keep up, beer is getting more exciting with new and inventive ingredients to step it up a notch. Be it nuts, chocolate, and everything in between, brewers are pulling out all the stops to entice beer aficionados to buy their beer. Bring it, we say. That being said there were a few fun beers we discovered at this beer festival.

The best beer that IMG_8307we hadn’t tried of Atlanta Winter Beer Fest was Orpheus’ The Ferryman. This Imperial Stout has a little bit of everything from the darkness of the malt, to the nuttiness of the hazelnut, and sweetness of the vanilla. It was the right balance between the sweet and bitter. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of breweries are using hazelnuts in their brew? Monday Night’s Georgian Imperial Stout has it, as well as Southern Sky had a specialty one with hazelnut for one of its employee’s birthdays. It does ad a good flavor to it. We’ll take it!

Some other good beers we discovered were Unknown Brewing Co out of Charlotte’s Silverback Stout. It was a good drinkable stout even if it was a little bitterer, hoppy than I like. It has a lot of chocolate up front and that makes up for the bitter finish at the end. Unknown Brewing just launched in Atlanta in December so you should be able to find something yummy from them at your local haunt. We’re keeping an eye out as we’d love to try the Imperial Stouts they offer. Finally, Burnt Hickory didn’t bring my favorite, Big Shanty Stout, due to the fact it was so popular they were literally OUT, but they had a good Brown Ale called Mudhoney (yes, a tribute to THAT Mudhoney). It was a balanced beer between hops and malt that ended with a sweeter honey hint. Have we mentioned we love the rock-n-roll themed names Burnt Hickory gives all their beers? They have great selection of beers AND name them something fabulous that appeals to our love of rock! Well done, gentlemen.




Saturday, January 16th at 6pm

Location: Opera Nightclub

By Liz Attaway, Posted 1/27/16

It’s the pop of the cork, the smell of apple tartness, the smooth dance of cascading fluid into a clear glass, and that first taste that was met with excited anticipation that what makes wine so satisfying. If you’ve ever been to a winery with a good tasting, you know there is a joy in finding something new to try be it a tasty new white, red, or rose wine. Atlanta Wine Festival has that excited anticipation, like a grand scale wine tasting with a few of your closest friends. Are you ready for a glass? Thought so!

IMG_8263There were a ton of varietals available to taste at Atlanta Wine Festival, and of those tastes, there were a few that stood out. As for the whites, the best one of the night was the Villa “Il Fresco” Italian Prosecco champagne. It was a Northern Italian wine that started tart and ended with a hint of sweet and fizzy bubbles. It was crisp, like a green apple, but was neither sweet nor too dry. It was just right. I’m not a huge Prosecco drinker, but it speaks to the quality of this wine, that it ended up being my favorite. No surprise that it was and Italian wine; it’s always my favorite country for wine. Another good white was a California Chardonnay from Spellbound. Chardonnays are also not my go-to wine when I’m out with friends or relaxing at home, but this one was different. It was fuller, buttery, and smoother than some of its peers, while not having any smoke or oak to overpower its kiwi, light body. I’d buy this out or to enjoy at home any time. It was very drinkable. Finally, I have to mention the Private Selection Pinot Grigio by Robert Modavi. I know it’s not a cream of the crop brand but it one of those wines that you could have a couple of glasses of and enjoy from beginning to end. It’s the right amount of apple, tart, and smooth ending. It could be a good go-to for those hot summer nights.

I couldn’t write this article and not mention at least one Red. Red wine is really a required taste, and it’s something I’ve tried to get into but just haven’t. It’s sometimes too heavy, makes me tired or I would rather have something lighter and crisper. That being said, I did have one red that I really liked: the Red Blend by Saved. It had a lot of personality with mixed fruit, not dry or sweet, with robust finish. Plus, it was so popular it was almost all gone by the time I got there half way through the night. Who can argue with that?

Like all good wine tastings, they must end. The lights go down and the doors to the winery are shut, as the wine ferments in the barrels or casks below. Don’t fret, it all be here tomorrow. So, sharpen your pencil, grab your scrap paper, and get tasting. Bummed you missed Atlanta Wine Festival? Atlanta Beer Festivals has a ton of events coming up including Winter Beer Fest, Atlanta Brunch Festival in March, and more. Here’s their site for more information about these events: http://atlantabeerfestivals.com/



Saturday, November 14th at 1pm

Location: Downtown Acworth

Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 11/30/2015

In quaint city in far North Atlanta is a cute downtown full of locally owned bars, restaurants, shops, and many things to do. The city of Acworth is beautiful and a great place to hold a beer fest! You get all the small city charm and all the fun of a beer fest in one place! We hadn’t been to the Acworth Beer Festival before and had a blast, as well as enjoyed the beautiful November weather and all the porter/stout we could drink. That being said, porter season is in full swing, we dove into this experience full force.

IMG_8155We found some great beers from local breweries around Georgia. We can’t be happier that our friends at Southern Sky Brewery is finally putting their products out at beer festivals and even more exciting was we got to FINALLY try the Schwarzchild Porter. It’s an English-Style Robust porter dark porter full of malt but drinks more like a stout. It was smooth, chocolatey, expresso-forward, and dark, but a hint of sweet, just like we like it! They are having their big opening January 23rd, you know we’ll be there! Check out their Facebook page about the event here.

Speaking of Stouts, what’s better than Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout from Burnt Hickory Brewery? Nothing. It’s one of our favorite beers being brewed in Atlanta. It has that malt that we love along with the smooth finish of almost a chocolate/expresso, yet has a hint of sweet from the actual graham crackers and honey they use when they brew. It’s pretty sublime. In the same vein, another one of our favorite Stouts in Atlanta is Red Hare’s Sticky Stout. It’s a little bitterer than some of the other ones but it still is smooth and malty, but very drinkable.

IMG_8156Finally, another surprise was the River Street Praline Brown Ale from Eagle Creek Brewing Co out of Statesboro. Don’t be fooled by the name, there is no pralines used in the making of this beer! But how does it taste like candied pralines? It’s their strong caramel and chocolate flavors they use with specialty malts that just taste nutty! Also they age the beer in Madagascar Vanilla. This beer is smooth and tasty. You should try it if you like strong ales, stouts, and porters.

Another successful beer festivals under our belt and enjoying the brewery explosion in Atlanta. It’s been so great getting out and trying new beers and finding new favorites. We will be looking for these in our favorite watering holes this winter. Atlanta Beer Festivals put on this festival. They have some fun new experiences coming up this winter with Atlanta Wine Festival on January 16th, 2 sessions of Winter Beer Festival on January 30th and the just announced Atlanta Brunch Festival on March 5th. Here’s a link to their site! http://atlantabeerfestivals.com/


Saturday, September 26th at 3pm

Location: Turner Field

It’s the best baseball memory you have: the crack of the bat, the crowd clapping and jumping, a familiar tune playing on the loud speakers. That’s what it feels like when you visit Turner Field: you’re favorite baseball memory, even if there isn’t any baseball being played at all. We’re back at the Great Atlanta Beer Fest like a beer fest with the atmosphere of a baseball game. It’s always a good time, despite the sprinkles in the air. Let’s jump into this year’s festival…

My favorite part of the fall is the influx of pumpkin and pumpkin beers, unfortunately there weren’t many to choose from at the beer fest. Most people said they brought what their distributors want them to bring regardless of season. Strike one for the distributors as variety is the spice of life, and all IPCP24nS3WEAA8YX7As isn’t something that excites me. I’m a dark beer/porter/sour kind of girl. But for the porters there was the Jekyll Smoked Porter, which is always a good, local porter full of malt and almost chocolatey. There was also and Starr Hill’s Pumpkin Porter, Boxcarr. It’s dark and strong with actual pumpkin added to the mash to make the right amount of pumpkin to porter. It was a little nutmeggy (yep, I like to make up words) on the end but overall pretty good.

One of the highlights beyond the beer, was that Southern Sky Brewing, and up and coming brewery had one of their first beer fest outings and they brought their Worlds Apart Ale. They say it’s a hybrid ale with a mix of Belgium white and an Irish red. That’s pretty spot on with a light beginning and ale end. It’s versatile beer that you can drink all year round. What I’m really looking forward to is the Schwarzchild Porter that Near told me drinks more like a stout. Sign me up!

The weather was rainy, misty and gloomy but the beers and the atmosphere made it all worth the day at Turner Field. Next year, maybe we’ll get a beautiful 70 degree day with all porters, stouts and pumpkin beers. Wouldn’t that be awesome? A girl can dream, can’t she? Now go and enjoy your favorite beer and look forward to the next beer fest! There’s always Boos and Brews on Halloween and several others each weekend until then.


Saturday, August 29th at 3pm

Location: Candler Park

FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO: http://www.corkpullerstour.com/

By Liz and John Attaway

With billowing clouds and small spurts of sunshine, there was the distinct smell of fresh cut grass in the air surrounding the lush Candler Park. Atlanta’s first annual Cork Puller’s Beer, Wine, and Spirits Fest got underway with a trifecta, holy trinity of drink choices: beer, wine and liquor. The crowd wIMG_7719as decent but we never felt like we waited too long for a drink and plenty of space to sit and watch the bands. Here are the highlights of this year’s Cork Pullers.

What would an almost fall festival be without the emergence of the year’s porters, Oktoberfests, and pumpkin ales? The best beer I hadn’t tried at the festival was the Misdemeanor Porter by Jailhouse. It was smooth and malty but not too heavy for a good drinking beer any time of year. Someday, we’ll make it to Hampton to visit them. I’ll come right out and say it, I’m not a huge Sierra Nevada fan. Too. Many. Hops. To my surprise Sierra Nevada has come out with an OctoberFest that is slightly heavier and not too hoppy. I enjoyed this one! Terrapin had just tapped their PumpkinFest the night before so there was plenty to go around at Cork Pullers. Finally, always a delight are some of my favorite Atlanta beers from Monday Night with their Drafty Kilt, and Orpheus’ Atalanta Plum Saison. Too bad the tents weren’t next to each other and I just would have thrown down a chair and hung there.IMG_7717

The other big player was the wine. There were two good whites that I really enjoyed: The D’Arenberg The Broken Fishplate Sauvignon Blanc and Columbian Crest Unoaked Chardonnay out of Washington State. The Sav Blanc was a smoother, crisper wine without the traditional over the top grapefruit nose. I enjoyed that. The chardonnay was very smooth with a hint of butter at the end. It was good for a hot summer day. There was also liquor, but I’m not a big liquor person so I stuck to beer and wine. Even though I’m not big on it, the festival goers sure would as the lines for both Jack Daniels and American Born Moonshine were pretty much the longest lines at the festival. They must have had something good.

I have to take a moment here to throw kudos out to Cork Pullers for having the BEST water station we’ve ever seen at a beer festival. Everyone was impressed! Everyone needs to hydrate in the heat, so this was genius. GENIUS, I say! So that’ll about do it for this fun new festival. Until next year…