Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 9/26/21

The moment you look up the elevators have contorted creating a horror sci-fi scape looming down. Below beings have morphed into a range of monsters, aliens, prehistoric creatures, all caught in a sea of cosplay. Dragon Con can be whatever you make it, from Sci-fi horror scape to herds of bubbly t-rexes to living as a fairytale princess. The best part is you decide. What would you be?


One thing we focused on this year were the panels and getting to engrain ourselves in a fantasy world of vampires, superheroes, and zombies to escape for a little while. First, we attended the What We Do in the Shadows with Harvey Guillen who is just as funny and pleasant as his Guillermo counterpart. He mentioned he is very pleased with the trajectory of his character in What We Do in the Shadows, it’s more unexpected for sure! He really loves working on the show that’s 50/50 improv and scripted. We think laughing all day and enjoying going on set says everything. Plus, did you now he does 99% of his own stunts? He’s really fun to listen to talk about his journey as an actor. Some of the highlights were that he loves vampire movies like Interview with the Vampire and is a huge Buffy fan. Plus, he shared the story about how we got the part. Guillermo is supposed to be 20 years older than him, but when they found him he didn’t even have to do a read with the cast, they called him and told him he got the part when he was on the way to the mall with his sister. He said there was a lot of happy screaming. Can you be our friend, Harvey?


Another panel that was probably MY favorite of all time was the Smallville Reunion with Tom Welling, Sam Witwer, Michael Rosenbaum, and Laura Vandervoort. Don’t know if this is the case, but we could have sworn they were tipsy during this panel as we’ve never seen a cast of a TV show have so much fun on a panel! First, it is readily apparent that Tom and Michael and the entire cast are very good friends. They have a unique banter, and we could have watched the panel ALL DAY. The absolute highlight of Dragon Con for me was the Smallville Theme Song Sing-Along. Michael Rosenbaum started playing it and the entire cast asked us to stand and sing along to it! The sound of the actors and the crowd gave us goosebumps. Sam stood on his chair and turned around like they did in the opening credits, it was hilarious. We also enjoyed hearing about how Tom Welling was the force against Superman putting on the Superman suit. He said if they did that, it was basically the end of the show, because it was about a small-town guy becoming Superman and not ABOUT Superman. We totally agree with him and loved they waited until the very end. It really was the right decision. Some of the fun tidbits on this panel were Michael Rosenbaum wants to be a stand-up comedian, you can tell because he moderated the forum himself and brough a Golden Girls towel to the panel with him. Did you know Michael and Tom have a buddy comedy coming up? We don’t know if that was a joke or not, but we’re sold. Plus, Sam Witwer is a master face actor and does a mean Tom Cruise. We left the panel with a huge smile on our faces.


We also attended a Walking Dead panel, and with the final season in full stride, we enjoyed hearing what Ross Marquand (Aaron) and Gabriel Stokes (Father Gabriel) had to say about some of their favorite moments, grossest moments, and challenges of the Walking Dead set. They mentioned that some of the most challenging parts of the show are the working outside in all of the elements. We also got to hear Ross’ funniest moment was that he couldn’t throw a fake rock at a walker. It was too light and everyone made fun of him and they all laughed for hours. Gabriel said his grossest moments is when he and Negan had to dig into the guts of a zombie and spread it on them. It was sticky and gross. Ross mentioned his grossest moment was to watch his arm come off! It must have been surreal and odd.


Beyond the panels, this year was definitely a different year with less attendees, but with all that time to think about cosplays, the costumes were bigger and better than ever. We enjoyed the lighter crowds, it was easier to move around, get your favorite costume photos, and enjoy panels. But don’t forget the FUN. From the stunning Beauty and the Beast duo to the flood of hilarious and genius Loki Variants, to the never-ending heard of T-Rex herds, it really was a spectacle to behold. We’ve put up a photo gallery of some of our favorite costumes, cosplays, and snaps! You can go through and see some of the best! Enjoy!