Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 4/19/24

 Flamenco Dance Meets Spanish Classical Piano

Sunday, May 19 5pm at Emory Performing Arts Studio

For the first time in Atlanta, witness the extraordinary fusion of flamenco dance and Spanish classical piano music! Learn how Spanish classical composers captured the essence of flamenco, including traditional flamenco guitar, and transformed it into mesmerizing piano compositions.

Entre Mundos – Between Worlds, is a show that explores the unexpected connection between two seemingly distinct musical realms: Spanish classical music and flamenco dance.

Piano: Dr. Marina Bengoa – Roldán
Dance: Ania “La Candela”

This show will unravel the hidden threads that bind Spanish classical music and flamenco dance, revealing how they have inspired one another throughout history. It’s an educational journey that will enrich the audience’s appreciation of these rich and respected musical traditions.

The show features Dr. Marina Bengoa, a gifted pianist whose virtuosity on the piano will breathe life into beloved Spanish classical pieces that resonate with audiences around the world, proving that classical music can be exhilarating and enjoyable for all.

Tickets: $30-75

More info & tickets:https://www.lacande.la/shows/entre-mundos/