Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 5/11/20

Iconic Virginia-Highland Eatery is the First Independent Casual Dining Restaurant in Atlanta with this State-of-the-Art Air & Surface Technology

During this pandemic, restaurants and other non-essential businesses were forced to close their doors to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. While Georgia governor Brian Kemp gave restaurants the go-ahead to reopen on April 27, 2020, many are postponing reopening as they work to develop and implement safety measures to protect employees, guests and the community.

As the world debates a reopening timeline, Murphy’s owner Tom Murphy is taking proactive measures to implement new safety protocols and improve the air quality at his iconic Virginia-Highland restaurant with the installation of Synexis, a biodefense technology to reduce the opportunity for infectious microorganisms.

Murphy’s is the first independent casual dining restaurant in Atlanta with this state-of-the-art microbial reduction system. Synexis is the same advanced technology used to continuously reduce bioburden in sectors such as schools and hospitals and is effective against airborne and surface viruses, bacteria and fungi.

“The well-being of our employees and guests has always been our top priority,” says Murphy. “This new Synexis system allows us to go above and beyond our traditional cleaning and safety measures to ensure that our restaurant is as safe as it can be when we reopen our dining room.”

About Synexis

Synexis is the sole provider of Dry Hydrogen Peroxide technology (DHP). The patented process essentially creates an immune system for a controlled environment to reduce airborne and surface microbes. The process generates low concentrations of Dry Hydrogen Peroxide in a pure gas form that is safe for occupied spaces. The system utilizes the ambient air and humidity already in the environment, rips it apart and puts it back together at 5-25 parts per billion. Wherever air goes, the Synexis technology goes to decontaminate 24/7/365 days out of the year.

According to Synexis vice president Russ Stephens, “DHP is unique because it has powerful antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. DHP becomes part of the environment and starts to combat the pathogens as soon as they enter the building. We even impact contaminants found in out-of-reach areas. It is a simple process, with big output. We are a safe, green technology that provides a continuous solution to an environmental strategy.”

About Murphy’s

Murphy’s is located at 997 Virginia Ave., NE in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta. Executive chef Andy Tran and his team at Murphy’s have created several menus to satisfy the need for delicious meals to enjoy from the comfort of home. Guests can place orders for takeout and curbside pickup online or by calling 404-872-0904. Offerings are also available for delivery via and DoorDash. Additionally, Murphy’s Wine Shop is available daily from 9 am to 9 pm. For more information, visit