Posted by Liz and John Attaway, 9/25/23

Last year we said, “Every year, Dragon Con takes on a life of its own.” This year again was no different with fun trends like The Loyal Order of the Ribbon growing and even making the Dragon Con schedule, as well as the influx of Barbie and Super Mario Brothers. We’ve never seen so many Princess Peaches! That’s all on top of the fantastic cosplay, Mardi Gras vibes, Indepth panels, snaps with celebrities, themed parties, and live performances! 


Not only was the Barbie movie with Margot Robbie a huge hit, so was her dress! Barbies in all shapes and sizes emerged this Dragon Con like a swarm of pink and blonde. You’d see gaggles of them taking photos and laughing. Not only did they do the new dress, but there were also barbies in boxes, themed barbies, and barbie mashups with other cosplays. Then, on the other hand, the huge 80’s and 90’s game returned to the big screen, Super Mario Brothers. This was the biggest surprise to see so many of them, every character too from groups with Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, and even Yoshi. This was mostly group costumes, couples, or friends, not lone cosplayers. The group makes more of an impact. We accidentally ran into a horde of them taking photos at the Hilton. Wow! There were so many. Finally, The Loyal Order of the ribbon is going STRONG again this year. More and more people had multiple ribbons, attended swaps, made the Dragon Con schedule, and even had a big competition for most. We think someone had upwards of 200 last we checked.  


We’re not going to lie, this year was weird with the actors and writers’ strike and not being about to talk about movies or shows these celebrities were in, working on now, or upcoming. We attended the Elija Wood panel where they talked about a day they would like to relieve over and over, about their lives, families, memories, and more. We’re sure that people really wanted to talk to him about Frodo, but the questions were good anyway and we had a good time listening to a more personal panel. Dragon Con did a good job keeping it fun and light! Plus, we were surprised how many people wanted to attend this panel without even talking about any shows or movies! The panel was bursting at the seams with people and even more wanted in!  

Where are they now? 

There were some stark drops in several cosplays that were dominant last year. The biggest ones are Stranger Things and Eddie Munson. There were a few people sprinkled about with Hellfire Club t-shirts but not the groups and numbers as last year. Another one was there were visibly fewer blow-up dinosaurs this year. Being large and hot inside, we don’t blame them for not suiting up this year, but we thought we would see more since they trended high last year. And lastly, our beloved Deadpool, this has really fallen off the map this year, we may have seen two which is an interesting development.  

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