Wizard Pub Crawl 5 Atlanta 2019

Date: Friday, November 8th

Time: 2

About: Formerly known as the Potter Pub Crawl, the WIZARD PUB CRAWL returns for a 5th year on Nov. 8th, 2019! Come out Friday, November 8th, 2019 for a stroll through some of Virginia Highlands most magical pubs, with several local pubs hosting wizard ‘houses’, along with special (magical) themed shots, wizard costume contests, photographers, food specials and more. Each registered attendee, with a Wizard Pub Crawl armband and house colored badge, will get a different complimentary themed shot at each ‘house’, along with a collectible WIZARD PUB CRAWL pin, event photo op/station, 2018 Attendance Letter, after parties and food/drink specials. How do you get a house-colored badge? Pre-registered attendees who purchase by 11/1/19 (noon), will get to pick their own house colored 2019 commemorative event badge. On the back of the badge will be a list of House Point tasks that attendees can try to achieve during the crawl that have point values. Check out the details below:

• Diesel Filling Station (WIZARD REGISTRY)
• Limerick Junction Irish Pub
• Tiki Iniki Atlanta
• Dark Horse Tavern
• Neighbor’s Pub Virginia Highlands

Registered attendees (i.e. those with House Colored badges) will get tickets that can be redeemed for wizard-themed shots (1 per stop).
• Badger’s Burrow (Limerick Junction) – The Hedwig
• Snake’s Pit (Dark Horse Tavern) Witche’s Brew
• Eagle’s Nest (Tiki Iniki) Polyjuice Potion
• Lion’s Den (Neighbor’s Pub)Amortentia
• Wizard Registry (Diesel Filling Station*) Giggle Water
*Diesel shot available after 9:00pm

• If you have a badge around your neck and an event wristband you’ll be eligible for all event photos ops – which we’ll have more info. as we get closer to Nov. 8th, 2019!

2019 ATTENDANCE LETTERS (frameable):
• Registered attendees will get a FREE, commemorative 8.5″ x 11″ Wizard Pub Crawl ATTENDANCE LETTER at the end of the crawl! Take good care of it as you’ll want to frame it after you get it safely back to your home.

• Registered attendees will get their own special printed issue of the Wizard Weekly, highlighting the event during the night, as well as a map of pub crawl stops, contests, description of the “House Points” contest and how to claim your own Wizard Pub Crawl ATTENDANCE LETTER (frameable) at the end of the event and much more!

• While at WIZARD REGISTRY, pre-registered attendees will receive a collectible 1.25″ WIZARD PUB CRAWL pin.

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