Here{AFTER} Pop-Up Theater Experience 2019

Date: Wednesday, October 30th to Saturday, November 2nd

Time: 7 pm

About: HERE{after} is a limited engagement, multi-sensory integrative theatrical experience for 40 guests at a time. Immediately upon entering the building, audience members become both witnesses and participants in a whirlwind of chaos and memory, swept into a winding and engaging storyline – removing barriers between actor and audience. Written and directed by talent from NYC’s smash success, Sleep No More, HERE{after} is an exciting, one-hour show popping up downtown for four nights only in the raw space of the historic H.L. Green building.
A highly crafted theatrical experience that takes place in an immersive environment and incorporates a narrative devised by the performers, directors, and designers. Integrative theater removes the barrier between actor and audience and blurs the line between performance and reality. It extends beyond the performance venue and into communal and digital realms. Tickets include refreshments and entrance.

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